The Breakup Your Career (and Identity) Needs - Darling Magazine

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Confession: I am one of those people who likes to be good at everything she does. 

Not only everything she does, but everything she tries. This is a bit unrealistic, seeing as people are rarely good at something they’ve only just tried. It is the perfectionist in me. The performer.

Since I was a young girl, I have set high standards for just about anything I put time and attention to. In most ways, this has benefited me. It is the reason I was student body president in high school. It is the reason I married an incredible man. It is the reason I have my dream job. Yet, the line between “high” and “impossible” can become gray. Right before my eyes, my identity can become wrapped up in what I bring to the table.

In a desire to perform well and get desired results, this person, me, can get lost. All of a sudden, who I am rises and falls on my successes and failures. When does setting high standards actually become expecting perfection? How do we go about seeing ourselves apart from our results? And at what point should we stop allowing performance to define who we are?

Now. The answer is now. It’s time for performance and identity to break up.

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