Day After Blog Launch: Why Showing Up Matters

Last night, I clicked ‘publish’  on Victoria, truthfully. - turned off my phone and watched three episodes of Stranger Things. What a relief. 

A creative endeavor had been long overdue, but boy was I scared. Scared of the opinions? Not really. Scared I wouldn’t hit a lot of Instagram followers or page views? Not even a little. Scared that my blog wouldn’t keep up in the massive blogosphere? Nope.

I was scared of never actually doing it. And I wasn’t the only one. Two days ago, as I prepared some content for my site, Reed said to me, “I’m just so proud of you for finally showing up.” We both knew how many times I had talked myself out of contributing something, and we both had hoped that this time was different.

And it was. 

I've learned that it doesn’t need to be perfect to be ready.

And you don't have to know who you are before you get started. If your art or whatever makes you come alive and others feel closer to you - than it’s worth showing up for. I had become so good at invalidating my own voice, and quitting before even getting started. I didn’t want to compete, keep up, or beg for a fanbase. I just wanted to write. To promote others. To share what I’m learning. To give myself a chance. I am a much better me when I am making stuff, and I've always known that.

So as I sent Victoria, truthfully. whizzing through social media last night, I was entirely unprepared for the enthusiastic and incredibly loving support I would receive. Reading comments like, “This is long overdue!” made me realize that I wasn’t placing anything precious before critics. I was sitting with friends. 

So here’s two things I really want to say…

1) Thank you. Thank you for checking this thing out and for being so genuinely kind in your support. I am relieved, grateful, and so excited to be doing this.

2) Whatever it is that you’ve been meaning to do, try, or learn - go for it! Believe in yourself enough to take a leap, and believe in your community enough to carry you. Getting started is the only the way to accomplish that thing worth doing. Take it from this scaredy-cat who has used every excuse in the book. Louder than any reason to not show up, is the reality that doing this for you and for the world is important. 

Please share in my comments below what you’d love to read or find at Victoria, truthfully. You can expect new content on each page (Writing, Lately, Wearing, Visual Diary) every week, and perhaps even more than that! I’m feelin’ eager. 

Again, thank you for your love and support. May we all accept the nudge we need to leave our comfort zone behind and to show up for the things that matter.