Home: A Narrative

My apartment is both static and still.

The warm light of the lampshades and candles throughout, have turned the walls from white to caramel with shadow shows for entertainment. My dishwasher is rather loud, but I’ve grown used to it and it’s those random smells and sounds that make any home, a home. My grandma’s wind chimes. My dad turning on the stovetop. And now, we have our own. Everything else feels calm. The back door is wide open, and the cool breeze is sifting through my hair as I sit in my favorite spot. Since I was a little girl, I would set my mind on finding a corner chair and claim it as my own. I have one in almost every house I love and mine is no exception. Big, brown and suede - just as I like it. I hear my city making their way home from work, and the birds having conversation. 

Reed is soundly and blissfully asleep on the couch across from me. It appears as if he’s tackling the couch, arms and legs spread out...head down. The slow rise and fall of his back tells me he’ll be there for a while. Only in summer do you feel at leisure to nap in the evening. An empty coffee mug that held peanut butter ice-cream only moments ago, sits perched atop a large stack of library books. I just finished Life and Other Near-Death Experiences by Camille Pagan, one of the best fiction reads I’ve had in a while. Occasionally, I smell sunscreen in the air...or perhaps on my skin, as Reed and I spent our day by the pool. The sun was extraordinarily warm, beckoning us outside to enjoy its rays. All of this. I don’t want it to end. Ordinary, yet completely and utterly satisfying. This moment I’m sitting in is as filling as a delicious meal; I am savoring every bite. 

In just a few moments, Reed will wake and we will run to the grocery store to buy cheap movie snacks. Finding Dory is out, and we never wait long to see a new Pixar film. I need to throw some makeup on, and some decent clothes, as I still have my bathing suit on from hours ago. But do I? I wait. Everything about this view is unique to my life...how grateful that makes me. All of this is mine. Heart, hang on tight to it. Mind, don’t forget it. 

These glory moments of nothing and everything...they remind me of what life truly is:

A gift.