Why Your 20s Aren't Too Early To Begin Building a Legacy - Darling Magazine

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"We all admire someone. Usually, they are the people who have accomplished what you dream to. They are the compassionate and fearless do-gooders. People who, against impossible odds, accomplished great things and left their world a better place.

I have many heroes: Eleanor Roosevelt, Mary Oliver, Mother Teresa, and JK Rowling, to name a few. These are women who have inspired me in what I do, how I do it, and in whom I continue to become. Yet, more than those who have intangibly impacted my life are those who have loved me, guided me, and made a forever impact face-to-face. These are women whose lives intertwined with mine, but walked a few steps ahead, carrying a little more life under their belts and wisdom in their hearts. Over time, these women each left a legacy on my young life for a reason, a season and, for some, a lifetime."

I shared a piece about starting our legacy in our 20s over at Darling Magazine. It is a piece I really care about, as it is something I try to live out every day. I hope you feel encouraged to handle your impact with love and care. Read the full article here

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Featured Image by Maddie Greer.