5 Things to Try This Weekend

While reading, listen to Blossom by Noah Gundersen.

The weekend has arrived! What are your plans?

I'm heading to a ladies luncheon with my sweet Mama (who I just wrote a Mother's Day tribute/gift guide for - shameless plug), to hear her speak about "living loved" to a room full of women. I'm excited to have the morning with her and to be her front-row cheerleader! Reed and I are going to enjoy dinner at home, because it's been a busy week for both of us, and if we're feeling up to it, we may go see Infinity War. Have you seen it? No spoilers! 

The weather has been a little all over the place here in the Bay Area, as it usually is Spring. Today promises some sunshine later in the afternoon, so I'm also planning on reading a few pages of my new magazine on our patio. Weekends are often packed for us ministry-folk, so we're learning to be more intentional about finding pockets of rest. Whether it's thirty minutes to sit down with no phones, simply chatting with each other, catching up on the details of our weeks, or giving ourselves just a few more sleepy moments in bed. 

Whatever you have planned for these short few days at the end of our week, here are a few ideas to throw in the mix. Have a lovely weekend!

5 Things to Try This Weekend

1. Listen to this new album while cooking, cleaning, driving, or whatever. It is the ultimate vibe, and man, have I been waiting a long time for this!

2. Visit the periodicals section at your local bookstore. Just the other day, I was talking a gander through Barnes and Noble (it's one of my happy places), and I planted myself among the periodicals. As someone who loves and appreciates good design, photography, and the written word - magazines are one of my favorite places to get inspired! Not only that, but for the buys type, a magazine is the perfect way to relax, read, and learn something new without the commitment level a book requires. During my trip, I picked up this one, this one, and this one!

3. Pick up a plant. Are you a crazy plant lady? I love the idea of of a home and patio filled with plants, but I can't say I'm that great at keeping them alive. Still, I'm giving myself time to learn and I've always found there to be great value in giving skills time to develop before quitting too soon. So whether you were born with green thumbs, or seem to have the doomsday touch...try again! Visit a greenhouse and ask an employee questions about the plant you choose. Bring it home and settle into the meaningful rhythm of tending to something else.

4.  Pray for your neighborhood. In Jesus' life, we see a love and compassion for everyone he came across - those near and far. In Acts 1:8, we're given a mission and an order in which we're meant to reach the world with the Gospel. Spoiler alert: it begins in your own backyard. We gotta love our neighbors. If I'm honest, sometimes I struggle to feel connected to where I live. It's easy to go through my days, head down, moving from point A to point B, not giving my surroundings much notice. But I want to be more like Jesus, and I want to do what he says, so this weekend, I'm going back to praying for my neighborhood. I'm planning on taking a prayer walk through my apartment complex and along my block, praying that each person would come to know His great love. Perhaps even, through me. 

5. Get ahead on the week. Yes, weekends are for snoozing, brunch, and easy-living, but getting the busy stuff out of my brain makes those things all the more enjoyable. Take a moment today or tomorrow to look at your calendar, plan your appointments for the coming week, and get everything in order for Monday. Decide that next week will be a GREAT week, and those tasks and emails will be taken care of when that Monday alarm clock rolls around, but now you are ready for it. Give yourself the gift of presence and peace of mind this weekend, by sorting and planning what's ahead. (This planner is beautiful!)

Which of these things are you eager to try? What are your plans this weekend? Share in the comments below!