10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas (All Under $25!)

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, giving the Moms in our lives their much deserved day of praise!

Like any holiday, Mother’s Day may rouse varying emotions - depending on the nature of your relationship. For some, this may be a sad day as you’ve recently lost your mother or grandmother. Or perhaps you don’t have a positive or close relationship with yours, due to differences or distance. Maybe, your Mom is your best friend, and you’d simply be lost without her. And certainly, there are countless places to land in-between.

Despite the many opinions we may have, I think we can all agree that there really is nothing quite like the relationship with one’s mother. From the very beginning of our lives we have an unparalleled bond, physically and otherwise. At the end of the day, without our Moms, we wouldn’t be here.

My Mom is an incredibly important person in my life. I have always felt close to her, but especially so since my college years and now into my 20’s and marriage. She is a confidant, a mentor, a safe place to cry and celebrate with, and a close friend. She is servant-hearted, prophetic, hilarious, and hardworking. I deeply respect the woman she is, and attribute many of my strengths to her! Whenever anyone, stranger or friend, point out similarities between us, I feel grateful.

My Mom and I are very different people, but ultimately, it is our values, love for Jesus, and desire to love others, that make those differences seem small. She and my Dad beautifully raised five children who now all love and serve the Lord. She is at her happiest with her kids, hands in the dirt in her garden, or driving to Napa Valley with her husband of 30 years. Windows down, of course.

As I’ve grown into adulthood and got married myself, I’ve become quite the observer of my Mom. She has been pastoring for nearly 15 years, and has been through an endless stream of ups and downs. Delights and disappointments. Deep heartache and deeper joy. I’ve seen her navigate the many seasons ministry includes, while being a stay at home Mom, and then later, doing both full-time.

I’ve watched her wade in the waters of rejection and being misunderstood - just for being who she is and believing what she believes. I’ve seen her face her fears and inspire countless people to be the more true and authentic versions of themselves. And I’ve seen her love my Dad and siblings unconditionally for countless years. Needless to say, I am taking a lot of notes.

I’m all for Mother’s Day, but to give this powerful, humble, and loving woman just one day a year?! It sure seems silly! My mom deserves the world, and all I can manage sometimes is a pedicure.

But perhaps Mother’s Day is more a reminder than anything - that our Moms are special and we’re happy to share their wide hips, infectious laughs, and big hearts.

It also serves as my reminder to carry on my Mom’s legacy in a way that honors who she is for many days to come. So here’s to our Moms - may they know, be told, and feel that they matter to us. Because we will always matter to them.

As you get ready to celebrate the special Mom in your life, here are a few lovely gift ideas they’d be sure to enjoy! Plus: they’re all under $25!

10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas (All Under $25)

  1. How cute is this knotted slipperPerfect for shuffling around the house.

  2. This magic prep set will get your Mom’s foundation set just right.

  3. These little macaron-scented candles would look so pretty sitting on your Mom’s bedside table. (My favorite is violet & honey!)

  4. A beautiful marble and wood cheese board for the Mom who loves to host. (Slicer included!)

  5. This lipgloss is called Heartbreaker, which may not necessarily describe your Mom, but it WILL give her lips a berry pout with shimmery, gold flecks.

  6. What’s a Mother’s Day gift guide without a nod to Joanna Gaines? Her new cookbook is sure to inspire your Mom in the kitchen...which is a win, win, right?

  7. This gold bar necklace is a dainty reminder of the special name her favorite people call her.

  8. Gift your Mom with a peaceful pause button. This gorgeous 100-day devotional promises to do just that.

  9. If your Mom needs an excuse to treat herself, let this gorgeous (& reusable!) box of chocolates be it.

  10. The perfect, little shoulder bag (let’s be honest, it’s time for Mom to downsize from that huge tote), available in several beautiful colors. My favorite is the light purple!

  11. BONUS! A lovely bouquet of pink roses, tied in a bow or placed in a tall vase, will never go out of style.

What is one thing you love and admire about your Mom? Share in the comments below!