5 Things to Try This Weekend

What are you up to this weekend?

Reed and I are going to Monster Jam at Levi’s Stadium with our friends and youth team on Saturday night. Yeah, you read that right. I can’t wait! I truly have no idea what to expect, and that’s one of the best things about my marriage. With Reed, I am constantly doing new things...things I otherwise would never do on my own. I mean, me? At Monster Jam? It doesn’t exactly land among friends on my list of interests. Maybe next to hiking? Certainly not next to sipping handcrafted lattes. I don't know...what do you think? ;) The little I know about Monster Jam comes from the gif searches I’ve done to have something to contribute to our group text excitement! Have fun picturing me in this crowd:


Back to you. I don’t know what your plans are for this beautiful weekend, but I have a few ideas to throw in the hat…

1. Try something new. In the spirit of Monster Jam, make an effort to do something you have never done before. For the adventurous, this won’t be hard. For the daredevils, it’ll be hard to find something you HAVEN’T done. And for the comfortable? Well, it’s time to get uncomfortable. Notice, I’m not asking you to be good at whatever you try. I’m only suggesting you try it. Some examples may include…

  • Chase the sunset. Drive or walk to wherever viewing the sunset will be the prettiest. Don’t take a picture of it, just take it in.

  • Try a new recipe. Think of your wheelhouse when it comes to cooking, and pick something outside of it! If you’re not a vegetarian, I recommend this one!

  • Watch a foreign film. Nothing like some subtitles to shake up your usual Netflix routine.

  • Get out of your hair and makeup rut. Swipe on a bright or bold lipstick, throw your hair up in Princess Leia buns - who cares! You get the idea: just try something new!

Pro-Tip: Here’s a song to listen to while you try that new thing.

My feel-good go to is Amélie.

My feel-good go to is Amélie.

2. Pick up a book from the library. I am completely devoted to the novelty of a new book - its perfect binding and the smell of its pages, but library books are free. And for those living on a budget, free is a nice word. Say it with me: Free. Bring your list of must-reads to your local library, or simply grab a book off of their “New” shelf and see how you like it! I firmly believe there is no better weekend activity than leisurely reading.

Pro-Tip: I’m loving this book right now.

Me: Hermoine, Reed: Ron

Me: Hermoine, Reed: Ron

3. Make something special. Just the other night, I set up a fancy picnic dinner by the pool at our apartment. I used a tablecloth, linen napkins, and even made up some flower arrangements! I love a casual poolside bbq like the next person, but fancying it up a bit made it way more memorable, and made our dinner guests feel important!

Pro-Tip: Need more of a reason? This article ought to do it. Insert deep sigh here.

Inspired by the single candlestick and the rest of this lovely breakfast setup.

Inspired by the single candlestick and the rest of this lovely breakfast setup.

4. Leave your phone at home. And if you’re not leaving home? Turn it off for a while. Every weekend needs a little unplugged time, or I promise you, you will never feel rested. Mindless scrolling, checking your email, or texting people you’re not with will rob a luxurious face mask, Sunday afternoon nap, and down time with loved ones of the much-needed rest they could give you. The world can wait, and let’s be honest: you need the break.

Pro-Tip: This sign has the right idea!

Friendly reminder via baby sized t-shirt.  Source

Friendly reminder via baby sized t-shirt. Source

5. Surprise someone. Quickest way to elevate your weekend? Do something sweet and unexpected for someone else. Leave a hand-written note on someone’s car. Call a relative or friend just to tell them a few reasons why you love them. Buy Starbucks for the next three people in line. There are countless ways, big and small to be a blessing this weekend. I think we can all agree that the blessing count in our lives is beyond what we deserve...so let’s take some time to be the reason someone else feels loved and seen!

Pro-Tip: We can’t all be Ellen, but we can all agree she’s really good at surprises!

Make someone feel like this.

Make someone feel like this.

Which idea are you excited to try? What your plans this weekend?

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