First Video (Eep!) & 2018 February Faves

And just like that, February has come and gone!

For this month’s favorites, I thought I would do something I’ve been meaning to do for a while…

Film a video. (Eep!)

This has been an idea I’ve put off (for too long!) because filming felt intimidating, and preparation seemed daunting. What about camera equipment? Lights? Mics? Editing skills? The list of "necessities" went on for ages - making the possibility of filming feel distant and unattainable.

And then, it was a Wednesday night, around 7pm, and to wind down from a long day of work, I decided to watch some YouTube. Halfway through a Zoella video, I thought to myself, “Tori, no more just watching other people create. It’s your time.” So I made a list of my favorites, pulled together some lighting, got my iPhone 7 out, and did just that.

Lesson learned: the only thing holding me back, was me.

In the video, I’m wearing pajamas, blabbing on, and it’s completely uncut. Basically, it’s hanging out with me for about 20 minutes, and getting the lowdown on what I’m obsessing over. It's one of those simple, sit-down videos - great for a relaxing evening or when you're getting ready in the morning. It's imperfect.

But I kind of loved it. Like everything else you’ll find here - it’s me, truthfully.

It so felt good to stop making excuses and to take a step outside of my comfort zone. It felt honest to do it right in the moment of feeling inspired. It might've taken a few tries, and I could have waited 'til morning...but heck. Carpe. Diem. If it’s something you’re into and would like to see more of, please comment below! I’d love video ideas and any feedback. You are my people, and I want to hear what you think!

All of the February Favorites I highlight in this first video are SO worth your time, and I know you will love them just as much as I do. Let me know what you’ve been listening to, loving, and obsessing over! I love trying your suggestions. Thank you, as always, for being some of the kindest readers, for always encouraging me, and for being a soft place to land when I step out and do scary things!

Without further ado...

First Video (Eep!) &  2018 February Faves

All items mentioned, linked in order below!

  1. Dove Purely Pampering Sweet Cream and Peony Body Wash - $5.99

  2. St. Ives Nourish and Soothe Oatmeal and Shea Butter Body Lotion - $4.99

  3. Pearlessence Rose Water Hydrating Face Mist - $17.95 (Another good dupe, here!)

  4. Pacifica Kale Detox Deep Cleansing Face Wash - $8.99

  5. Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips - $7.99

  6. Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lip Gloss - $19.99 (Other colors, here!)

  7. Mixed Chicks Leave in Conditioner - $3.99

  8. Coffee Mug - $10.00

  9. Nature Nate’s Raw Unfiltered Honey - $14.49

  10. Women’s Reebok Classic Leather Sneakers - $57.01 (Other options, here!)

  11. Man of the Woods by Justin Timberlake

  12. P E A C E by Hillsong Young & Free

  13. Evidence by Elevation Collective

  14. Understanding! by Sunbears!

  15. Planet Earth II

Be encouraged. Doing scary things, the kind of things that make us feel like an amateur - exposed, and a little stretched - those are the things that make us better humans. They unlock creativity, keep us humble, and surface dreams living deep inside. Now go and unlock yours!