For My Brothers: A Men's Style Board

While reading, listen to Hard Times by Paramore. 

Since I started this blog last August, my three younger brothers have given me one request: "Please do a men's style post!"

The stylish men in my life: Jackson (16), Keaton (21), Max (19), and Reed (26).

I've hesitated to put one out, because though I do appreciate great style, and keep up on fashion trends, I am no men's fashion expert. Additionally, this space isn't really a fashion blog. But then, as I thought about the few reasons why I shouldn't dive into the world of men's fashion, I thought about a better reason why I SHOULD: I want to. Many social media and blogging experts would say there are rules, but here, you won't find any. Victoria, Truthfully is an online cork board filled with various kinds of inspiration. It's a platform for things of the heart to spring up and shine, and my heart cares about a myriad of things. I think it's cool that men and women find their creative voice in how they dress, and I think that caring about the exterior doesn't have to take anything away from our valuable interior. What makes you come alive? What adds value to your life and to the lives of others? Where do you discover God? Do that, thrive there, and do it with all of your heart!

I'm not going to get so caught up in nailing down a singular "brand" that I miss out on sharing what is really me. Maybe coming to this blog will feel like looking over a friend's shoulder to see what they're scrolling through, what is inspiring them, and what they are learning. And today? I'm inspired by men's street style from the fashion weeks across the globe. Life and people are beautiful and creative and amazing, and this style board only reinforces that belief for me.

So dear, fashionable brothers and friends of mine, here is your men's style post...I hope it gets those fiery wheels turning! (Images are linked for source/more inspiration)

What is inspiring you? What is moving your creativity forward? Share in the comments below!

Also, if you'd like to see MORE on Men's Style, let me know in the comments...