Valentine's Day: It's Possibility and Some Inspiration

While reading, listen to Love On The Weekend by John Mayer. 

Valentine's Day: the holiday met with every kind of emotion.

Excitement. Expectation. Apathy. Worry. Sadness. Loneliness. Anger. Joy. Love. Valentine's Day is not everyone's favorite, and for some, the holiday most anticipated. February has become the season of chocolate, stuffed animals, pink and red balloons, and romantic gestures. Dinner reservations abound, and hopes of a romantic evening are chatted about during manicure appointments. For the single, it often means apathy, or an alliance with girlfriends against the pressures to have a special someone or participate in the holiday's events. It can mean a fun brunch with friends or the avoidance of any celebration altogether. For the men, it usually feels a lot like prom...some pressure but also some genuine excitement. 

I have experienced a wide variety of Valentine's Days. Some years, it has been spent with friends and family, sharing the love I have for those people with sweet gestures. Other years, it has been spent sad and mad, at my singleness and the world's persistent reminder of it with aforementioned balloons and chocolates in every grocery store. And more recently, it has been spent feeling really blessed to be in love with the very best man I know.

Wherever you land as February 14th approaches, I want to suggest that the love you have in your life is worth celebrating.

Love exists in your family, friendships, and romantic relationships, and it is a good love, a love that adds immense joy and value to your life. This love should be treasured and appreciated throughout the year, but what's wrong with having a special day to JUST celebrate love?! Man, does our world need a day like that. A family meeting or rally of sorts...all centered around love. I have no problem or protest with that.

Let's be the people we want to be. Let's be the people we love being around.

Not the people who look at the sour side of a holiday, but the people who look at it as a spectacular opportunity to extravagantly love the people we've been given. Let's be intentional, creative, thoughtful, and selfless. I want how I live and love on February 14th to inspire how I live and love on February 15th and the days after that. Are you with me?

So put that red lipstick on.
Get your girl gang together.
Write your mom or child a note telling them you are proud of them.
Kiss your spouse extra.
Send some flowers to your grandma or mentor.
Make a list of every person you love and thank God for them.
Make dinner for your neighbors.
Be romantic.
Listen to old love songs.
Pray for someone who feels alone.
Eat a little extra chocolate.

My Valentine's Day means celebrating the great love I've been given, and sharing it with everyone I see. I hope you'll join me. Here is a little a Valentin's mood board to get us even more inspired! 

How will YOU be celebrating Valentine's Day? Share in the comments!