Anthropologie: My One-Stop Shop for Style Inspiration

While reading, listen to Emoji of a Wave by John Mayer. 

Do you have a store that makes you feel all warm & fuzzy inside when you walk through its doors?

Perhaps that one independent bookstore with the well-lit reading nook. Or Target, with its $3 section and impressive selection of...everything. Maybe for you, it's that corner bagel shop whose scent of fresh bread reminds you of breakfast in bed on Saturdays. Reed feels whatever the "manly" version of warm and fuzzy is, when he walks into REI. Every corner of the store makes him want to immediately set off on an outdoor excursion. 

Due to being a lover of beautiful things, I experience this feeling with quite a few stores. I'm not a collector, but more of an admirer who thoroughly enjoys window shopping and the occasional purchase. I appreciate the little details that go into making a space special...fresh flowers on the register, a candle lit to welcome you in, and of course...the perfect playlist that transports you into their little world. One of my favorite things to do is explore a city's downtown area, to see what "mom and pop" boutiques and eating experiences they offer. As I stroll along the sidewalk...poking in and out of each shop, my inspiration tank is filled. 

There is one store I could very easily move into. Like, give me a sandwich, a pillow, some makeup wipes, and I'll gladly live there forever. Now, this store is nowhere near "small" and it is not "locally owned". This store is not is impressive, inspiring, and all-out gorgeous. This store is none other, than Anthropologie. And before I am asked...this is not a sponsored post. I WISH! ANTHROPOLOGIE SPONSOR ME! Just kidding. Well, no I'm not.

Anthropologie inspires me to no end, beginning with their detailed and creative window displays. They always have one of my two favorite candle scents lit (Goji Torraco Orange by Voluspa and Volcano by Capri Blue), and if given the chance, I would purchase pretty much anything and everything inside. Reed describes Anthropologie as both my happy place, and a black hole for our money. I completely agree. Unfortunately, it has been pretty miserable outside lately. Endless rain and cold wind have kept me from taking a little walk down to Anthropologie for quite some time. Lucky for me, their website is just as beautiful.

So here I sit, looking for some style inspiration on a gloomy day, and once again, Anthropologie has proven to be a trusted friend. Am I taking this too far? With Spring around the corner, I want to add some light textures, colorful patterns, and a little frill to the wardrobe. The way Anthropologie styles and shoots their content is SO pretty, and let's just say I have enough inspiration to last me into the coming sunny season. Now that I have successfully (and perhaps excessively) shared about my love-affair with Anthropologie, here are some of the inspiring Spring-time looks I loved on their site. 

Anthropologie Spring Style Inspiration

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What is one of your "warm and fuzzy" stores? Ya know, I won't limit you. Tell me all of them! See ya down there in the comments.