Date Day: Flower Fields & Pumpkin Patches

While reading, listen to Bewitched by Frank Sinatra.

Fun fact: Mondays are my absolute favorite day of the week.

Since both Reed and I are pastors, Sundays are long "work" days (they hardly feel like work, but a full day nonetheless!), making Monday our day off. On Mondays, Reed and I sleep in, do our grocery shopping, clean the apartment, and complete any projects we have going on around our home. After that, we plan a date! Sometimes, we long for a drive and new scenery. Other days, depending on how tired we are or crazy the weekend was, we go for a long walk and share a picnic dinner. I'm of the opinion a date is more about quality time and connection than the event itself, and making each other a priority is what really matters. I love starting our week feeling connected, refreshed, and ready for the days ahead. I know that this season of being young, married, and without kids is special, and I want to enjoy every minute of it! 

This Monday, we felt like getting out of town, and driving towards the coast. I'm so thankful to live in the Bay Area, where the options are endless and the scenery is beautiful just about everywhere. Last Fall, Reed and I enjoyed an afternoon at Arata's Pumpkin Farm, so we decided to visit there again and pick up some pumpkins! After our visit at the farm, we drove a little further and found some gems in the sleepy town of Pescadero. Just off the highway, we enjoyed some delicious coffee from Downtown Local (I also loved their collection of antiques & the old silent film they play around the corner!), a picnic lunch at Arcangeli Grocery Co. (if you go, don't leave without a loaf of their garlic herb artichoke bread!), and picked some beautiful dahlias at The Pescadero Flowery

These discoveries reminded me there are wonderful things to see, taste, and enjoy, right under your just have to get out and find them! After putting together a little Fall bouquet of gorgeous dahlias, Reed and I stopped at Miramar Restaurant for seafood chowder on our way home. We got there just in time for Happy Hour (hello, half off wine!) and a fantastic sunset.

To top it all off? This crazy hot weather cooled tremendously, giving us that crisp, Fall breeze we were hoping for! After a long week of ministry, work, and missing Reed the last two weekends for women's just felt so good to spend the day hand in hand, enjoying the splendor of nature in our own backyard. Now, every time I spy those dahlias budding in a mason jar on our entryway table, I smile, remembering our fun Fall Date Day!

Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.
— George Eliot
Photo Oct 23, 8 57 19 PM (1)_preview.jpg
Autumn is a second Spring, when every leaf is a flower.
— Albert Camus
Photo Oct 23, 5 14 36 PM_preview.jpg
And all at once, Summer collapsed into Fall.
— Oscar Wilde
Photo Oct 23, 8 51 26 PM_preview.jpg
Autumn: the year’s last, loveliest smile.
— William Cullen Bryant
Photo Oct 23, 8 54 53 PM.jpg
But I miss you most of all
My darling
When autumn leaves
Start to fall.
— Frank Sinatra, Autumn Leaves
Photo Oct 23, 6 42 30 PM_preview.jpg

What are you doing to intentionally enjoy this Fall season? How might you spend some quality time with your loved ones soon? Share in the comments below!