#ILoveLists: 10 Things I'm Currently Obsessed With.

I am a bonafide list-addict.

Alright, alright, I know that sounds dramatic...but it's true! I love lists. For some, lists clarify, organize, and assist your efficiency. For others, lists intimidate, preoccupy, and add un-wanted stress. I am 100% in the first category. I make lists to remember both what I need to do and what I have done. It's a simple way to keep my tasks in front of me and my accomplishments too! My high school principal once revealed to me that the first thing he writes on his daily to-do lists is "Write a list." Immediately, he gets the satisfaction of crossing something off, and he gets the ball rolling on tackling his work load! I've done the same ever since. 

One of my best friends Megan is known for saying, "This is my-most-favorite-thing." What makes this sentence infamous and ironic is that it is said about something new almost every week. Some people laugh and say, "Megan, you have a thousand "most-favorite" things!" Without fail, she replies, "Yup!" I admire this about her...she rarely wastes time talking about things she hates because there is just too much good out there to talk about. Whenever we FaceTime and catch up on life, she always closes the call with, "What are you loving right now?" This question keeps my eyes peeled for inspiration, and leads to the making of my favorite kind of list: the oh-my-gosh-i-love-this-stuff-right-now-and-I-want-to-share-it-with-everyone list.

So here it is: the first of many lists filled with my most-favorite-things.

1. Figs. Okay, hear me out before you roll your eyes at me. HAVE YOU EVER EATEN A FIG? Until last week, I had not! Where has this magic fruit been all of my life? They are sweet, but not too sweet, and they are the perfect addition to a flatbread (much like this recipe). I can't stop eating them...plus, the health benefits are many. I mean, they're no kale, but they contain vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, calcium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, sodium, potassium and chlorine. Try them! Add them to salads, dessert pizzas, oatmeal, toast, etc. The obsession is real people: my mom and I are making fig jam tomorrow. #FigFanatics

2. Bianca Cash. This 20-something Australian has the cutest Instagram account, and some of the coolest illustration/typography out there. More often than not, one of her pieces is my iPhone and desktop wallpaper. I love the simplicity and cleverness in her art. Check her out here.

3. Virginie Millefiori Jewelry. Located in New York, Virginia handcrafts quality, cheeky jewelry for the woman who likes to don fun and colorful accessories. I am currently all heart-eyes over the pixel heart ring, and her glitter pins. Check out her Etsy shop here, and uh I don't know...send me an early Christmas gift? Jk. Kinda.

4. Shauna Niequist's Present Over Perfect. Shauna is one of those writers who just gets me. As I read any of her work, I hear myself thinking, "You too?!" She is masterful with her words, and this is her best book yet. Every human who has ever found themselves glorifying busy, and losing sight of the real stuff, read it! Check out this blog post to enjoy an excerpt.

5. Greetabl. I couldn't tell you how to pronounce that word, but what I will tell you is that I have found the cutest site for incurable gift-givers. Greetabl helps you curate a small, personal, and thoughtful gift for a friend and sends it to their doorstep. I'm a sucker for packaging, and these people know what they're doing. Greetabl truly bridges the gap between a simple card, and an extravagant gift. AKA - this is perfect for college students. My friend Lauren sent me one as a surprise last month, and I've sent three out already!

6. Sneaker laces revisited. Sneakers are all over Fashion Week, and this is a street-style version that I love. Who would have thought that laces could double as an anklet?! Cooler people than me! Everyone has a pair of sneakers, and the technique so easy. I have my eyes on these leather Vans from Asos.

7. Talking In Circles. It is no secret to anyone in my life that I love Laura Miller - a vegan chef, author and Youtube personality who is helping me along in my own vegan journey. Well recently, she began a new project that is more focused on the mental side of health. She has struggled with depression and anxiety on and off throughout her life and has learned a lot about how to talk to people who deal with those same things. Talking In Circles features Laura and several of her friends, literally talking in a circle about their own struggles with mental health and ways they have learned to overcome. I find this to be important because I am always looking for ways to better walk with people towards wholeness.

8. Peter Mayle's French Lessons...or really anything he writes. Alright alright, I know. Stop talking about Peter Mayle! But, no! I am new to Mayle's work and I have bought three of his books in one month which is saying a lot for someone who is in a relationship with her library card. He is so talented, and he writes about some of the great loves of my life: food, travel, wine, and summer. Get your copy here.

9. Jenny Walton. Jenny is a fashion illustrator, and the other half of renowned street style photographer, The Sartorialist. I think I love her because she is inspired by vintage fashion, she unapologetically accessorizes, she's always drawing cool stuff, and she's tiny. And let me tell you...finding another tiny fashion-lover is like meeting a Kim Kardashian fan in church...it just doesn't happen. Tiny girls unite! Find Jenny's Instagram here.

10. Ellie Goulding's Still Falling For You. Ellie is my favorite, and this song was the exact thing I felt I was needing in music right now: lots of fun, a driving song, a workout song, and it was Ellie. What can I say? I'm easy to please. Listen/watch here.   

What are you obsessed with right now?

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