My Go-To Places for Inspiration

Sometimes, inspiration feels elusive. Where did it go? Where can I find it again? Over the years, I've found some solid places that I can always count on to inspire me. Perhaps they will inspire you too.

  1. Austin Kleon's Steal Like An Artist. All I can say is, it's under $20 and if you are a budding, scared, current, thriving creative...READ IT. After you read it, go stalk his blog. Kleon's voice is one of the main reasons my blog exists.

  2. Darling Magazine. Classy, kind, real, creative - all the things you want a women's magazine to be. I love sitting down with my quarterly issue and a nice big cup of tea.

  3. Real Simple Magazine. I have been reading this magazine since I was 16. The topics, writers, and finger on the pulse of what's happening right now, is really really spot on.

  4. Love Taza Lifestyle Blog. Naomi and Josh Davis live an adorable, awesome life with their three terribly beautiful children in New York City. I love how much fun they have - this blog always encourage me to love my city.

  5. Magnolia Market. Chip and Joanna Gaines are so inspiring. They raise a large family, run a farm, a renovation business, love Jesus, and the list goes on. I'm always inspired by couples who tackle hard things together and these two are no exception!

  6. Jamie Oliver. An esteemed British cook who has a wicked sense of humor, and an incredible ability to make fresh, creative meals in 15 minutes.

  7. Brooke Testoni. My go-to fashion inspiration. She is so unique, fearless, and yet her looks are doable. Testoni embodies classic and bold.

  8. Live From Abbey RoadWatching brilliant musicians perform live in such a historic studio always inspires me to go make something. 

  9. About Time. A movie that shows me how extraordinary my ordinary life is.

  10. Henri Nouwen's In The Name Of Jesus. I read this book every year. Nouwen's spiritual and ministry reflections remind me of who Jesus is in and through me.   

These are the things that get me feeling like me again. Where do you find inspiration?