Blogmas Day 10: Christmas Apartment Tour

While reading, listen to Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Sleeping At Last.

Our little #ReednTori apartment has all the festive feels right now. And I'm a tad obsessed.

Living in a one bed/one bath apartment can have it's challenges, though. Space, being the main one. When it's just Reed and I, the apartment feels like it has just enough room. I love having a small space to share with him, it's cozy, and it helps us confront our problems, not avoid them. Yet, when we host...elbows brush, parking is hard, and it gets hot - real quick. But somewhere deep inside, I have this feeling that we will miss these days when they're gone. When we have a house with some littles, we'll think back to our first apartment in the Bay - with it's quirky neighbors, and waterfront view. We'll whisper, "Remember those early days?"

Live simply so that others may simply live.
— Elizabeth Ann Seton

Even though it's quaint, I adore our little home. I love the memories being made here, the moments shared here, and the person I share them with. "Big" and "more" are words that don't define us or how we live. I prefer close and simple anyway. Ultimately, people want to be in a space that makes them feel safe, seen, and loved. That's what Reed and I long to do with our 660 sq. feet. - create sacred, family moments for any and everyone who comes through our doors. These are the good days. The beautiful ones. And I am so thankful.

Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.
— William Morris

I enjoy decorating more than most things. Creating spaces for people to feel relaxed and inspired in, is something I feel passionate about. This time last year, Reed and I were all packed up, ready to take on our new adventure in the Bay. It feels like yesterday! Because we essentially moved the week of Christmas, we had no tree and no decorations. Making this year all the more special!

Most of what you will see here are either hand-me-downs from my Mom and Dad (who have great taste), or items from Target, Cost Plus, Etsy shops, HomeGoods, and the Pottery Barn outlet. I love all of the simple, Christmasy touches we've made.

This Christmas Apartment Tour is meant to inspire you. Whether you have a large, beautiful house, or live in a college dorm room -- you can love the space you are in and make it home. Steal any idea you love, and if you want to know where an item is from, please leave a comment below this post! Make sure you keep scrolling...I have TWO #ShopSmall exclusive discounts you don't want to miss!

I love our vintage bulbs and "JOY" sign out on our patio. Spreading that Christmas cheer, people!

My first #ShopSmall feature is Red Dog Candle Co - Handmade Soy Candles. Guys, I cannot tell you how delicious-smelling these candles are. Plus, they are soy, hand-poured, and look so cute! Their peppermint candle is my favorite, and I already have my eye on their mistletoe candle. Red Dog Candle Co is offering an exclusive 10% off for YOU using the code VICTORIA10 at checkout, through, get this, January 31st! Find their shop here, and get yourself a peppermint candle! Or three! 

Some say I have a mug problem. I say, silence the haters.

For my second #ShopSmall feature, I am sharing Blue Sky Whimsy - Modern and Whimsical Digital Art Prints. This shop has beautiful and simple art - perfect for your gallery wall, office, or wherever! In my apartment, I have some of their Christmas prints up - and I love them! (see above) They are downloadable and easy to print! Blue Sky Whimsy has been generous enough to offer an exclusive 35% off for my readers, using the code VICTORIA35 through December 18th! This makes all of the prints so insanely affordable. Find her shop here

As if this holiday season hasn't been wonderful enough so far, my dear friend Shelby decided to make it even better! She sent me Pottery Barn's 12 Days of Scent Advent Calendar! This, guys, is so me. Pottery Barn. Candles. Christmas. Surprises. It doesn't get any better! I've decided to open three doors a week, leading up to Christmas, so that we can use the holiday scents throughout the month. Thank you so much, Shelby!

Have you started decorating for Christmas yet? What is your favorite little corner or room? Share in the comments below! If you are decorating for Christmas and sharing pictures on Instagram, hashtag them with #VTBlogmas - I'd love to see! See you tomorrow, and Merry Christmas!