Blogmas Day 23: Traditions, Old and New

While reading, listen to Christmas By The Bay by Tim Hockenberry.

Every year, I look forward to Christmas traditions.

My all-time favorites include: baking with my mom, driving around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights, watching The Christmas Story on Christmas Eve, and reading Luke 2 on Christmas morning. These traditions are shared with friends, family, and now Reed! When we moved up to the Bay, I was really looking forward to sharing some of these childhood memories with Reed, but I also knew it would be exciting to begin traditions of our own. 

This Christmas, Reed and I have started many of our own little traditions. We decorated our first tree, we did stocking stuffers instead of big gifts, we put up our own Christmas twinkly lights, and more! Reed and I cannot wait until Christmas morning, to share memories in our little apartment, and begin yet another new tradition. We plan on sipping on mimosas, eating blueberry bagels from our favorite neighborhood shop, praying together, and wearing our Christmas pajamas ALL. DAY. There is no one who I would rather spend ANY day with, and I just feel so grateful to have shared this season with the man I love.

I’ve learned that you can treasure old traditions, while also making new ones.

The reality is, we don’t know how much time we have left with loved ones. It's important to make those people a priority, not out of obligation, but out of our love for them. We can also allow ourselves to begin new traditions as we embark on new seasons of life! I’ve really made it a personal goal to return to old traditions, and spend quality time with people I love, instead of busying myself with unnecessary or shallow activities. It’s the moments of depth and connection that really matter anyway. As Reed and I have balanced this approach - of embracing the old and new - it has freed us from the pressure to prove or keep up, and to choose traditions that add value and joy to our hearts.

Another old tradition that I always look forward to, is my Grammy’s Christmas cookies.

Her cookies are out of this world, people! So soft, sweet, and absolutely addicting. She makes them every year for our Christmas Eve dinner, but this year, I wanted to add some “new” to this childhood ritual. This Christmas, I wanted to learn the recipe, and bake the cookies with Grammy! As a family, we all gathered at Grammy’s adorable, Christmasy home, and made her famous cookies. The house was filled with laughter, the smell of frosting, and the sound of Christmas music. I know that I will always treasure the memories that were made today. Christmas is about so much more than stuff, or a single day of the year.

Christmas is about slowing down, prioritizing the important stuff, and mixing the old with the new. May we remember to keep our eyes and hearts open to these moments, not just this weekend, but all year!

For Blogmas Day 23, I’m sharing some snapshots of our special day, baking cookies at Grammy’s house. Only two more sleeps ’till Christmas!

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions? Have you started any new ones this year? Share in the comments! I’ll see you tomorrow, for Day 24 of Blogmas! Merry Christmas!