Blogmas Day 22: 4 Hairstyles for Curly Hair

While reading, listen to Christmas With You by Johnny Cash.

When it comes to my hair, I've always wanted what I can't have.

Curly hair is just not the easiest to manage, tame, or style! For so long, I straightened my hair every day, wishing with all of my might that one day I would wake up, and my huge curls would be gone. Both my mom and sister have beautiful, straight-ish hair, and I always envied it! I never thought I would make peace with my wild curls, let alone love them more than straightened or styled hair. I didn't have many examples of beautiful curly hair, all I saw were the straight, blonde, and frizz-less manes of Lauren Conrad's and Jennifer Aniston! It wasn't until my hair became severely damaged, from all of the hot tools I had been using for so many years, that I took a break from styling altogether.   

After about two years of letting my hair grow and become healthy again, I can honestly say that I love my hair now more than ever!

Its natural curl and shine has returned, and with a little extra length, it has really become my go-to look. Now, I only straighten or add curls with a wand, about once or twice a month! This, paired with deep conditioning treatments and regular hair cuts, has been my saving grace. If only my high-school self had known how beautiful her natural hair was, and how important it was to take care of it!

Embracing my natural curl has been a little lesson of self-love and acceptance for me, and I hope that every woman can learn it too!

For Blogmas Day 22, I am sharing 4 different, festive hairstyles for curly hair. These are go-to looks for me, and extremely versatile! I hope you enjoy one of these looks for a fun lunch date, or a Christmas Eve celebration!    

1. Half-up with black ribbon.

This look is really simple. I pulled about half of my hair up in a high, slightly-teased ponytail, and wrapped it up with a ribbon! 

2. Mini buns with geometric barrette. 

For this look, I split my hair into two sections, and wrapped each section into two low buns, secured with hair ties and bobby pins. After securing the two sections, I pulled a few pieces out in front, and slipped in the triangle barrette. 

3. Teased low-pony with headband.

First, I tease my hair a bit and then I secure it in a low ponytail. Once secure, I take a piece from the ponytail and wrap it around, to hide the hair tie, and secure it with a bobby pin. To finish the look, I add a headband and pull at the teased portion just a bit, to add more volume. 

4. High bun with jewel headband. 

First, I tease my hair a bit. Then, I flip it and pull it up into a high ponytail. I then tease the pony and wrap it around, into a bun. I secure the bun with bobby pins and add a headband to finish the look!

These are the products I use for my hair:

What are your go-to hair styles and products? Share in the comments! Hope you all have a wonderful day, I will see you here tomorrow for Blogmas Day 23!