Blogmas Day 20: Favorite Festive Desktop and iPhone Wallpapers

While reading, listen to I'll Be Home For Christmas by Michael Buble.

It is only 5 days 'til Christmas!

Can you believe it? This season has felt quick! I suppose that is what happens when you are really enjoying yourself, and when you are really busy. It has been a bit of both for me, and I can hardly believe that Christmas is almost here! I was laughing with my friend Lauren, as we talked about the mood swings that come along with the week of Christmas. These may be reserved for the few obsessive ones, but they happen nonetheless! During the week of Christmas, we go back and forth between being ecstatic that Christmas has almost arrived, and then feeling absolutely devastated that it is almost over. Our husbands don't know what to do with us ;)

With Christmas nearly here and gone, I aim to enjoy every last minute of this wonderful season! This includes but is not limited to: 1) Christmas music. All. The. Time. 2) Excess amounts of hot cocoa and shortbread cookies. 3) Christmas pajamas every night this week. 4) Christmas movies on any chance I can get. 5) Driving the scenic route around town to get in as many Christmas lights views as I can get. 

You feel me? Though this week may feel like it has slipped away, I will be present and savor every bit. Another way I plan on enjoying Christmas, is by maintaining my festive desktop and iPhone wallpapers. I spend quite a lot of time at my laptop and on my phone for work, so this is a fun little way to keep Christmas in front of me.

For Blogmas Day 20, I am sharing a round up of all of my favorite desktop and iPhone wallpapers! Save these, use them, and enjoy all the festive cuteness while you can, people!!

10 Festive + Free iPhone Wallpapers...

All images are linked. 

10 Free + Festive Desktop Wallpapers...

All images are linked.

I hope you love these wallpapers as much as I do! How will you be savoring the season? Share in the comments below! See you here tomorrow for Blogmas Day 21! Merry Christmas!