Blogmas Day 14: Wrapping Christmas Presents

While reading, listen to Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Johnnyswim.

Getting creative is really therapeutic for me. Anyone else?

Maybe it's the element of working with your hands, or the attention to detail most creative projects require, that make it so calming. Or perhaps it's the fact that you don't have to be detailed at all, and whatever it ends up being, is up to you! Whenever I make some space in my life to be unplugged and get creative, it is such a grounding experience, and really refuels me for whatever busyness or work I have ahead.

As of today, wrapping Christmas presents falls into that "getting creative" category. Admittedly, I have usually waited to the last minute to wrap Christmas presents, so the process is rushed and a little sloppier than I'd like. But this year, I was really on my A-game, and got all of my Christmas shopping done this week! A lot of our shopping was done online (better deals!) and I opted for adding gift-wrap to those orders. It's nice to receive packages in the mail, already wrapped, and ready for loved ones.

For the rest of our gifts, my early progress allowed for more time and thought to be put into presentation. I decided to look around Etsy for some cute wrapping paper, and scored with Paper and Quill Design. This custom wrapping paper is beautiful! My personal favorites are the white and light blue designs. If you have some extra special gifts that deserve some quality wrapping paper, Paper and Quill Design is your shop. Along with some pretty wrapping paper, I decided to incorporate festive washi tape, velvet ribbon, multi-colored string, candy canes, and mini ornaments!

Accompanied by my "Happy Christmas" playlist (which is the bombdotcom, just saying!), and some hot coffee, I went to town. My sister documented some of the process for me, but even she'll tell you, I was in the zone! She's one of the few people who can be in the room and I still feel like I'm getting my "me" time, ya know? I loved this relaxing afternoon, getting our Christmas presents all ready for the people we treasure. 

What relaxing activity refuels you? How will you be decorating your Christmas gifts this year? Share in the comments! I'd love to hear your creative ideas!

Thank you all for following my 25 Days of Blogmas so far, it's really been fun! See you here tomorrow for Day 15!

Have a merry little Christmas!