Blogmas Day 13: 20 Gift Ideas for Men (All Under $25!)

While reading, listen to Last Christmas by Jimmy Eat World.

Buying gifts for guys is not as hard as you may think.

Reed and I have been together since 2011, and I've loved discovering what his favorite things are, big and small...and occasionally surprising him with something special. When his birthday, our anniversary, or Christmas roll around, I get even more excited! As I've mentioned before, I love giving gifts, and Reed is my favorite person to buy for. 

I like to think that I have some serious experience buying gifts for men, as I have three brothers, several uncles, lots of guy friends, my dad, and a husband (duh)! Over the years, I've learned to not go overboard trying to impress or prove, but to approach gifts thoughtfully, knowing that it's all just extra and a little way of saying, "You're loved." Simply think about what the guy in your life loves, and choose from those things! Often, people don't give gifts enough preemptive thought, and are left choosing from the gift card section in Target. Though gift cards are some people's gift preference, and aren't all bad, I think that someone would almost always prefer something a little more personal.

So when it comes to that special man in your life, step away from the gift card section, think about what he "ooh's" and "aahh's" over, and go from there! (My husband oohs and ahh's over every Subaru he sees. Sorry babe, I'm not that ballin' this year.) For Day 13 of Blogmas, I'm sharing 20 Gift Ideas for Men (all under $25)! These gift ideas may not apply to every kind of man, and I will admit that most of the inspiration has come from the men in my life. I also kept this list really affordable, so that it would feel more doable for people across the board. I hope this guide will inspire you to think outside the box, and to do a little research of your own!

Make sure you scroll to the end, I am giving away one of my gift ideas and you don't want to miss it!   

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Happy shopping, and Merry Christmas! See you tomorrow!