The Perfect Autumn Day

While reading, listen to Autumn Leaves by Frank Sinatra.

In this blog, I am going to make a Gilmore Girls reference and freak out a little over Autumn. You know, the usual.

My happy place in the Bay Area is Half Moon Bay. It's a coastal haven with a quiet downtown of shopping and eats, all owned by locals, and foggy beaches down the road. There is farmland, a scenic drive down the 1, and plenty of things to do. One of my favorite restaurants, The Barn (mentioned here), is juxtaposed between the windy highway and the dark gray ocean - just where I like it. Reed and I often take day trips to HMB on our days off, to explore, relax, and to feel a little more like ourselves. 

During Autumn, HMB is next level adorable. Apart from being my favorite place, it also happens to be the Pumpkin Capital of the world. Seriously. Each year, people from all over the world, come and scour over the endless pumpkin farms for their perfect Jack O' Lantern or porch side pumpkin. Each downtown store dresses their display windows with crisp, Fall leaves, and the restaurants add Autumn soups and pastas to their menus. Local musicians play outside coffeeshops during the afternoon, and children run about, testing out their Halloween costumes. 

Basically, Half Moon Bay is my Stars Hollow.

Never do I feel more like Lorelei Gilmore than when I am walking that downtown strip, coffee in hand, and scarf around my neck! Friendly, and quirky faces poke about each corner, and Autumn has left her inviting touch on every tree. Suffice it to say, Reed had a very happy girl on his hands when we ventured out to HMB yesterday for pumpkin picking at Arata's Farm and some shopping. I'm so blessed that it's only 20 minutes away! If you ever find yourself there, some of my favorite places include...

Here are some fun snapshots from our Autumn Day In Half Moon Bay.

What makes for YOUR perfect Autumn day? Feel free to share your comments below!

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