Summer 2017 Bucket List

While reading, listen to Itsy Bitsy Petit Bikini by Richard Anthony.

Summertime is always the best of what might be.
— Charles Bowden

Ahh, summer. The time of year when everything is a little slower, sweeter, and sun-kissed. There's just nothing like this warm season of reading by the pool, juicy watermelon, salty hair, long lost freckles, ice-cold chardonnay, beach days, and windows rolled down. Don't you just love it? Every city and person relishes it differently, but for most, there is a real excitement that rushes in when the rain and gray clouds of Spring have officially passed.


I've found that a simple way to really savor each season is by creating bucket lists! These little lists don't add pressure but intention to a time that could easily become filled up and end just as quickly as it began. I always love seeing how other friends and bloggers enjoy the season, so I thought I would share my summer bucket list to get your wheels turning too! Here is my Summer 2017 Bucket List...

Summer 2017 Bucket List

  1. Host an outdoor movie night or see if your city offers movies in the park.

  2. Invest in a new bathing suit and beach towel. (In all honesty, I’m eyeing this cute towel from Walmart!)

  3. Use only summer produce and farmer’s market finds to make a meal.

  4. Make this peach sangria recipe.

  5. Try out a water sport on a hot afternoon. (I’ll be going kayaking!)

  6. Watch a baseball game. (Major league or otherwise...go Giants!)

  7. Make these summer fruit popsicles.

  8. Add something new/freshen up your patio or yard area for dinners outside. (Here's all the apartment patio inspiration you need.)

  9. Visit a local fair. (Don’t forget to pick up some kettle corn!)

  10. Take a weekend road trip somewhere.

  11. Go star gazing.

  12. Swim in a natural body of water.

  13. Make the perfect summer playlist. (This song will definitely be on it. I've been listening to it nonstop!)

  14. Go on a hike.

  15. Get a fresh mani-pedi. (I’m thinking white on the nails and Santorini blue on the toes. What do you think?)

  16. Check out a book or two from your local library. (I’ll be starting Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven soon. Have you read it?)

  17. Enjoy a beach bonfire night w/ s’mores and friends.

  18. Buy a disposable camera and take lots of pictures on a fun day out or vacation.

  19. On a particularly warm day, visit an art museum or observatory. (I'll be visiting this one!)

  20. Send a “Happy Summer!” package to a friend or family member with little things that remind you of summer fun. (Think: favorite magazine, sunscreen, flip flops, beach tote, etc.)

What will YOU be doing this summer? Which item from my bucket list are you adding to yours? Share in the comments below!


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