10 Lovely Things

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. 

The day always begins with church - a time to grow, listen, receive, and give. I am truly humbled by my church family, and the beautiful souls it encompasses. Each week, I learn something new about the Lord, my community, and myself. After church, I come home and decompress. I put hot water on the stovetop and prepare a cup of tea or french pressed coffee. I open each window wide and light candles, letting fresh air and scents fill my apartment. During this alone time, I incorporate self-care, rest, and doing things I love. This Sunday ritual of emptying and refilling is the perfect way to close the week and embrace the accompanying fresh start.

I also enjoy taking some of Sunday afternoon to get my inspiration tank back to full. Looking at blogs, reading magazines and books, catching up on YouTube channels, and even observing nature are ways I get myself inspired after a long week. Here are 10 things I have come across that ought to add some 'lovely' to your weekend.

10 Lovely Things...

1. Ending the Pursuit of Perfection, a Ted Talk by Iskra Lawrence.

2. The new LC Lauren Conrad Spring Handbag Collection. (I especially love the dusty blue!) 

3. This guide to throwing an afternoon tea party. Pinkies up!

4. These hand dyed and frayed silk ribbons by Tono & Co for Utterly Engaged.

5. These 'Painters Palletes' by Emily Jeffords. (Such unique works of art!)

6. This vintage blouse from Boheme. (A secondhand vintage boutique that is FULL of gorgeous items.)

7. This Welch cottage in the rural countryside that has been restored and made available for a peaceful holiday. (One ticket to Wales, please!)

8. Supermarket Flowers by Ed Sheeran. 

9. These botanical scented cards - perfect snail mail for a friend or later this year for Mother's Day!

10. This little reminder:

How do you spend your Sundays? What has your inspired? Share in the comments below!

Header photo via Traveling Chic