Spring Bucket List

While reading, listen to Gold Angel by Minke.

Happy 1st Day of Spring!

Spring is a lovely season - full of life and vibrancy. As the winter frost melts, I love watching our world come alive again. We hang up our cold weather coats, return to our outdoor hobbies, and maybe even roll the windows down as we drive home from work. Sunshine and blossoming trees are just what the doctor ordered to lift our spirits and remind us that new beginnings always come.

March seems to be flying by...but I won't lie to you, I love when it does! My birthday is March 31st, and ever since I was a little girl, it has felt like the longest month of the year. I shamelessly count down the days! Do you like birthdays? I LIVE for birthdays. I love them all, mine or a friend's alike! I enjoy every opportunity to celebrate (I actually believe it is a spiritual discipline), especially those who are close to me. The inner hostess, gift-giver, and planner all come out in full force when birthdays roll around. No matter what your birthday experiences have been, sweet or sour, I love that we always have the next year to look forward to and try something new! 

What if we inserted some of that special-occasion-birthday-kinda-fun into every day?

Sign me up! This is something my mom and I have endeavored to grow in since I moved back to the Bay Area. How can we take a moment to celebrate the beauty and joy of EVERY season? What would we accomplish and experience if we more intentional? Enter: Bucket Lists. Now, I realize that the original use of the term "bucket list" refers to the things someone wants to do before they die. I don't anticipate clocking out anytime soon, but the things on my list are indeed life experiences I want to have in the time that I've been given.

What about you? What are those things you've been dying to try? That spot you've been meaning to check out? My vote is that you make a Spring Bucket List (or use mine!) and get to celebrating your life!

What will YOU be doing to enjoy every moment of the Spring season? Share in the comments below! Subscribe to all future posts here