How to Look Like a Cadbury Mini Egg

While reading listen to Time by Goss.

Yup, you read that right.

Here's how the whole thing started. My husband brought home Cadbury Mini Eggs, a springtime treat I look forward to every year. For as long as I can remember, my Grammy would have little bowls of these pastel chocolates throughout her house in the weeks leading up to Easter. Not only do I absolutely enjoy these bite-sized chocolates, but I have always been inspired by their beautiful pastel hue.

As I poured the bag of chocolates into a clear glass jar, I said to Reed, "I want these colors in my life!"

I started perusing online for little ways to incorporate this Spring palette into my everyday style. I was not disappointed. I found countless items in the blush pink, bright white, periwinkle blue, and sunshine yellow I was looking for.

I can finally look like a Cadbury Mini Egg! Did I just type that sentence?

So before I carry on any longer about my mini obsession with these mini eggs, here is how YOU can look a Cadbury Mini Egg.
Just changing lives over here. You're Welcome. 

How To Look Like A Cadbury Mini Egg

Cadbury Egg Hue # 1 - Bright White

Cadbury Egg Hue #2 - Periwinkle Blue

Cadbury Egg Hue #3 - Blush Pink

Cadbury Egg Hue #4 - Sunshine Yellow

Aren't these colors pretty?

The options really are endless, but I hope this post has provided a little pastel inspiration. At the very least, I've reminded you that your pantry needs some Cadbury Mini Eggs! Easter is just around the corner, after all!


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