February 2017 Favorites

While reading, listen to Once by Maren Morris. 

The shortest month of the year is not even through, and I have countless new favorites to share with you!

It's true - I actually chose to leave some things out, so you could get to the end of this post in a decent amount of time. Life is busy, and I know that even taking a few moments to catch up on your favorite blogs can feel like a luxury. So as much as I love writing and reading longer posts on lessons learned, I thought I would sprinkle your weekend with a a good ole' list. My hair stylist and friend Shannon (Ladies, if you live in the Bay Area and need a cut/color, go see her!) affirmed this when she told me on Thursday, "Tor, I love when you post those lists with a little bit of everything!" Well thank goodness, because I really enjoy writing them!

Here it is, February's list of favorites. This month's list truly is a "a little bit of everything." Enjoy, and thanks for following along!

February 2017 Favorites

Beauty & Hair.

Style & Creative Inspiration.

Watching & Listening. 

Home & Kitchen. 

What have YOU discovered and grown to love this month? Please share your favorites in the comments below!