January 2017 Favorites

It is the first day of February. Can you believe it?

Spring is almost upon us, and it's that time to start thinking about Valentine's Day dinner reservations. I pray that you are all finding some hope and peace in the midst of recent events in our world, and that the resolve you felt to make 2017 better than 2016, still remains strong in your heart.

Sometimes, it feels a little laborious to put my fingers to these keys. Do they even read? Do they even care? Does this matter? During busy times especially, it's hard to fight the lies of comparison and complacency with confidence and passion. Yet I am reminded, that no matter how many people visit this corner of the Internet, creative expression, writing, and sharing my life with you, are things that make me happy. Plain and simple. And if we stop doing what brings us joy, because of someone's opinion or a news headline, than we are leaving the world in no better condition than how we found it. 

So even when it feels like a "favorites post" doesn't quite fix everything, or "set me apart" as a writer - I'll still write what I want to write and what you want to read. Because being true to ourselves is one of the best ways we can fight for a better world. I truly feel privileged to share this space with you, and I am more excited than ever to bring you honest, fun, accessible, and encouraging content. I love ya'll for following along. Truly. 

Without further ado, here are my very favorite things from January 2017...

1. Tazo Calm Camomile Tea w/ a pinch of raw honey.

3. La La Land. (Swoon - I could watch it a million times.)

4. This One Pot Creamy Chicken and Rice recipe.

5. Gemma Troy Ceramics. (Follow her on Instagram @_trinka_)

7. Jane Newland Illustration. (Follow her on Instagram at @jane_newland)

8. These songs: Mention of Your Name by Brian & Jenn Johnson (worship), Flame of Fire, Rushing Wind by Brian and Katie Torwalt (worship), Hello (Blues) by Better Off (pop-punk), and Broad Shoulders by Taylor Bennett feat. Chance The Rapper (rap).

9. This personalized coffee subscription service.

12. Hydro Flask tumblers and water bottles. (So good!)


14. These blogs: Two Peas And Their Pod (food blog), and Ana Prodanovich (style blog).

15. This Argan Oil hair mask that does wonders for my dry, curly hair and is under $2!

17. These books: A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness and Simple Matters by Erin Boyle.

18. My favorite Trader Joe's granola, made complete with some almond milk.

20. This dance video.

What are YOU loving right now? Share in the comments!