10 Things to Brighten Your Week

While reading, listen to the feel-good song, Faith by Stevie Wonder ft. Ariana Grande. 

It has been raining...for what feels like forever. 

Now if there is anything I have made clear through this blog, it is had that I love me a good cozy day. (Hmm...perhaps I should start making more important things clear?) Haha...oh well! What can I say? When it's raining outside my window, the introvert inside me exhales and enjoys every minute. An excuse to stay inside and resume being the homebody I truly am! Like a general, my brain shouts, "At ease gentlemen!" and my whole body slumps into my comfy couch for the rest of the afternoon. Add a good movie, some tea, and a soft throw blanket into that mix? Heaven on earth! Yup, I'm a cheap date. 

Despite this, perpetual rainy days can leave a little wear and tear on the spirit. What started out as a cozy afternoon has turned into something a little like house-arrest, and the storm keeps on a'rumblin! You may be reading from a place where sunshine is bright, and the skies are clear, but honey, that is not the Bay Area right now. Streets are flooding. Thunder is scaring every dog in the neighborhood half to death. (Pups, I feel bad for you, but the reality is, ya'll don't need to be having bark-panic attacks...all at the same time. It sounds like you're planning a mutiny, and it's kinda freaking me out). The sky is dark grey, making each morning feel more like evening. All of this to say: I am ready for Spring! I want flowers, blue skies, and the freedom to style my hair without the fear of looking like a drowned, frizzy rat by the end of the day! The struggle is real. 

Fortunately for me, God is my numba one fan, so he's hooking it up with some glorious sun later in the week. Until then, I have compiled a list of 10 Things to Brighten Your Week! I realize that the weather may not be the only thing dragging you down or stealing your joy, so I hope that this list adds a little necessary warmth to your heart and a smile to your face. 

10 Things to Brighten Your Week:

1. This adorable Ellen clip, featuring the most enthusiastic kid surfer you'll ever meet. Girl, I get that excitement about buffets. I really do. 

2. Hilarious obituaries for teenage girls, if they actually died when they said they were "dying".

3. This Instagram account dedicated to waiting dogs. 

4. This funny iPhone case for that single friend in your life who has snarky opinions about the pressures of Valentine's Day.

5. This children's illustrator who makes "tiny tales" for adults. 

6. This little, encouraging quote. 

7. This surfing sloth print

8. This lovely article on "What Classic Literature Can Teach Us About Living Well Today. (Worth a read!)

9. This cute and empowering illustrated video on The Power Of Empathy.

10. This reminder that we still live in a world where Spongebob Mac and Cheese exists. Because no matter how your dietary preferences have developed, we all loved this cheesy goodness at some point in our lives. True solidarity!

Have a bright, kind, and loving week! 

Header image by Kimie Wong and slider image by Margot Co.