A Curated Closet + Wardrobe Wish List.

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In the first week of January, I lightened my closet by 34 pieces.

Those of you with large closets might be thinking, "Why did you get rid of so many items?" And those of you with small closets are probably thinking, "How did you have 34 items to get rid of?" The answer to the first is, "Quality." The answer to the second is, "Quantity." One a goal, the other, a problem. Over the last three years, I have really grown to understand and love my personal style. It took some time, because for much too long, I was under the deep influence of trends, and the lie that they must all be adhered to in order to be stylish. This fast-fashion, social media-driven lie is loud and all around us, but it will only have power if we don't have a plan. I've changed my wardrobe theme from being on-trend, fashionable, and even new, to classic, polished, quality, and ethical. Having a plan, to only buy and wear what fits within my theme, brings me joy, and a feeling of beauty, is completely freeing, though admittedly, more work.  

The work began with taking a long, hard look at my closet and getting rid of what I no longer wanted/wore/needed. During this time, I was surprised by how many things I owned that I never wore, but continued to store and keep, for "someday" or "just in case." For some items, the decision was hard because of how much had been spent on that item. I had to remind myself that the true indicator of something's value was whether or not I actually used it. All closet items were placed in piles of throw, give, and keep. After this arduous process, I organized what I wanted to keep, by color and item type. Two hours later, I was 34 clothing items lighter. I looked at a wardrobe I was much happier with, one that felt a lot truer to the style I claimed. Despite this, I realized that there were some things I wish I had, that would add a lot of value and added versatility to existing items. These thoughts were not born out of discontent or the need to consume...rather a desire to further refine and build a closet I love.

For you, the process of simplifying may not be needed in your closet. Maybe clothes aren't your thing, or you already have what you love and need. Perhaps, it's really your bookshelves or hall closet that could use some time and attention. Wherever you land, I think we could all gain some value from building lives of "quality over quantity." This is a pursuit Reed and I are passionate about and committed to, and I invite you to come along! 

A wish list, is just that - a list of things one can wish for. These are not needs, but wants, and I am happy to acquire them over time, as the opportunity comes. This list may change, shrink, or grow, and is really here to keep my closet purchases focused. These are the kind of items I am hoping to add:

  • Black loafers.

  • Trench coat.

  • 2 Hats: One for the cold months, one for the warmer months.

  • Black ankle-strap heels.

  • Pointy black heels for dressy occasions.

  • White button-up.

  • Versatile tote bag.

  • Brown sandals

  • Cashmere scarf.

  • Black trousers.

  • Ray-Ban sunglasses.

  • Classic striped top.

  • Long, floral skirt.

  • Grey knit sweater.

  • White sneakers.

  • Floral dress. 

By the way, here are three resources that could provide additional insight and help as you thoughtfully approach your own wardrobe. I love each one: 1) The Curated Closet, 2) Un-Fancy, and 3) Simple Matters

A Curated Wardrobe Wish List.

1. Everlane Modern Loafer

6. Longchamp 'Large Le Pliage' Tote Bag

8. Reformation Eco Cashmere Blend Scarf 

10. Ray-Ban 'Classic Wayfayer' Sunglasses

12. Reformation Floral Print Skirt. 

15. Topshop Floral Dress

What are your closet staples? Will you be taking away or adding anything to your wardrobe this year? Share in the comments below!