Welcome to Victoria, Truthfully!

Kick off your shoes, pour yourself some coffee, light the candle.
It's story time. 

On September 1st, 2016 I launched Victoria, Truthfully. Truthfully speaking, it was a long time coming. The reason I waited so long to blog, was because I just couldn't decide what I would bring to the already overly populated world of lifestyle blogs. How would mine be different, special, impactful? What would I say? I daydreamed about the idea of a lifestyle blog that integrated faith into the everyday, simply joys of life. (Listen to your daydreams, kids.) I went looking for inspiration...and honestly? I didn't find much. There were plenty of fantastic blogs on either side of the spectrum, but few who landed in the middle. This discouraged me because it felt like the theme of my life was continuing.

Let's take a trip to spring, 2011. 

I was 18 years old, and felt a deep inner struggle around what it is I was going to do and who I was going to be. Big stuff. I craved that sweet spot, that sense of unshakeable calling. What was going to be my mark on the world? I longed for a clear path but in my heart of hearts, I stood at a crossroads. I wanted to be a pastor but I also wanted to write stories. (BTW - there's no major for that, trust me - I looked.) I thought about working in fashion but that made me feel unspiritual and guilty. I cared about the external, day to day simple joys of life, but also yearned for Heaven and the deep satisfaction that came with Kingdom work. WHICH WAY IS THE RIGHT WAY? I felt I had to choose between a creative and a spiritual life, a secular or a sacred one...until Jesus interrupted with the question that changed everything:

"Honey, who told you that?"

"Who said you had to choose? Who told you everyone could only be one thing? Could only go one way? Who told you your interests were polarized, and you have to pick one or the other? Each part of you is there on purpose, for a purpose! You can be a writer and a pastor. You can be a creative and care about things of the heart. You can, and you will!"

That conversation with God changed everything.

And that question of, "Who told you that?" reminded me His voice mattered the most. Unless he told me I could only be one thing (& he never does), it didn't matter if anyone else did.

This realization set me free, and so now - just like He said - I do both. I pastor in the Bay Area full-time, and write on the side. God's words never fail and his promises come true! My creative and spiritual life come to this little corner of the internet to hang out. Here, you'll find my personal insights on faith, style, relationships, marriage, creativity, and a window into recent adventures, lifestyle bits, and things I'm loving. This is a space where both the beauty of here and now and the other side of Heaven matter.

This is a lifestyle blog about things of the heart.


Now, a little more about me... for you nosy types!

Where I'm from & where I went. I was born & bred in The Bay Area, CA, and then moved to LA for college, earning my Bachelor's in Biblical Studies with an emphasis in Pastoral Ministry in 2015. While living in LA for five years, I did ministry, fell in love with a drummer, and decided to marry him. Shortly after got married, we moved back to the Bay for our dream jobs & to live closer to my family.

What I'm up to now. My husband Reed and I are pastors at the The Bridge Foursquare Church, an amazing mobile church that feels like family. We primarily oversee youth & young adults, and I am head of all creative content and direction for our church. Some of my favorite things in the world to do are speak and write. I'm blessed with the opportunity to do both for our community & occasionally get invited to share my heart elsewhere too!

These are a few of my favorite things: Slow mornings, books that leave you speechless, women rooting for other women, worn and torn Bibles, writing in local coffee shops, good hair days, forehead kisses, driving along the coast, Anthropologie candles, evening walks, the Cooking Channel, listening to Wake Up by Arcade Fire with the windows down, visits to wine country, alone time, a good cheese board, and belly laughs.