Hi! Welcome to Victoria, Truthfully!

My name is Victoria, and I am married to my dream guy, Reed. We met and fell in love in Los Angeles, while I was getting my undergrad in biblical studies. After four years together, and lots of coffee dates, we got married and moved back to my hometown in the Bay Area. There, we joined the pastoral staff at the church I grew up in, The Bridge. Our greatest joy is sharing the love of Jesus that has absolutely transformed us, and we feel blessed to do it as a team.

I have always been a creative, a lover of the written word, and an admirer of the beautiful. When I write and make, I learn. I believe that the things that make us come alive are there on purpose, for a purpose! As we step into those things, we tell the world about a creative God. There are far too few platforms for the Jesus-seeking woman - who cares about cultivating a beautiful heart, making the most of everyday, and stepping into her unique calling. My hope is that this little corner of the blogging world would feel like a safe haven and a place of inspiration for those women, and that my words would read like those of a friend. So when you visit Victoria, Truthfully, you can expect to find lots of lists (I'm a little bit obsessed with them), and snapshots of my life, adventures, things I'm loving, and lessons I'm learning. I truly want to share my wholehearted life with you!

This is a blog for the people who wear hope and cultivate vibrant hearts.

Thanks for being a part of this with me!

These are a few of my favorite things...

  • Good hair days

  • Iced vanilla almond milk lattes

  • Capri Blue jar candles 

  • Dinner by the ocean

  • A fresh mani/pedi

  • Self-Care

  • Rutherford Hill Cabernet

  • Clean sheets

  • Kitchen dance parties

  • Worn and torn Bibles

  • Checking off to-do lists

  • Wildflowers

  • Movies that make you cry

  • A new book

  • Women rooting for other women