So here’s the truth.

I almost didn’t start this blog a bajillion times.

Before taking the proverbial creative jump off the diving board, my inner critic wondered if anyone would care to come to my little corner of the internet at all. What would make my blog special? What if I ran out of things to say? What if no one reads it? But, like most of the things we’re meant to do, the what if’s just didn’t quite stack up against the reasons to try. And who knows, maybe if I stopped quieting my own voice and did the dang thing, others might have the courage to jump too. So I pressed ‘publish’ and here we are.

This blog talks about a lot of things, but really, I’m saying one thing every time…

Celebrate life.

Celebrate the beautiful, completely and utterly unique-to-you life you’ve been given. Be 100% yourself. Back down and play small for no one. Ask God big questions and even when the going gets tough, don’t give up on him. Celebrate this one, precious life with everything you’ve got.

Maybe today, celebrating life looks like telling depression to go to hell and putting real clothes on just to go and walk around in Target. Maybe celebrating life means calling someone you love and telling them why. Or maybe, just maybe, celebrating life looks like putting your laptop or phone, whatever you’re reading this on, away right now, to go and finally take that bold, creative leap you’ve been making excuses about for too long.

I believe the world needs what you’ve got in your heart.

I believe both the everyday and spectacular moments deserve to be savored. I believe in owning this moment like it’s your last. I believe in loving who you are and being truthful with the world about whoever that person is.

And that’s what I’m here to do in this space.

This is me — Victoria, truthfully.