Blogmas Day 7: My November Favorites

While reading, listen to My Favourite Things by Tony Bennett.

Isn’t that just the perfect song choice?

I love sharing my favorite things, old and new with you, and November was full of them! Last month, I tried quite a few new beauty and skincare products...which looking back, was a daring thing to do. It’s commonly known that when you introduce brand new products to your skin, you can anticipate a short adjustment period, when you skin may breakout or respond differently than with your old products. This isn’t usually something people do when the holidays roll around, because hello, all the photos being taken! Well, I didn’t keep that in mind, and lucky me, all turned out fine. Things actually turned out MORE than fine, since these new products have quickly turned into some of the best I’ve ever used!

I also discovered some delicious recipes that have been added to our we-don’t-want-to-think-we-just-want-to-cook lineup of favorites. I have a must-read book thrown in there, a great Instagram account I’ve recently followed, and as always, a couple random things that I just could not leave out.


Let’s get to it...for Blogmas Day 7: My November Favorites!

#1 - Botanics All Bright Foaming Face Wash ($5.29)

foam wash.jpeg

When’s the last time you bought a face wash for under $10 and it actually worked? This face wash is seriously good. It’s all-natural, helps with dullness (great for this time of year!), and smells of hibiscus! I’m actually dying to add the Botanics All Bright toner and night cream to my rotation to see how they all work together. Find it here.


#2 - The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream ($19.50)


Growing up, my Mom always taught my sister and I to invest in quality eye creams because that skin is the most sensitive to change and will usually wrinkle first. I’ve never looked back! If you look in my skincare cupboard, ALL of my eye and face creams cost substantially more than my toners and washes. Price does not always mean higher quality, but c’ usually does. This eye cream has seriously helped my puffy under eye area, as well as my dark circles. Plus - it reduces the appearance of fine lines! Find it here.


#3 - NYX Professional Makeup Pore Filler ($13.99)


I’ll be honest, I always thought makeup primer was just another money pit...a product that was deemed necessary but really wasn’t. I mean, why should I have to put something on top of my moisturizer and under my makeup? We resist extra steps, but ever since trying this primer, I’ve been schooled. This sleek, smooth primer blurs imperfections and is the best base for makeup. I have combo skin - oily in my t-zone, and dry everywhere else - and this primer keeps my makeup from sliding or getting patchy. Find it here.


#4 - NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation ($13.99)


I have been in a total foundation rut...using one I don’t like but feeling too scared and stingy to try a new one. After all, quality foundations can be expensive! Enter, the NYX Total Control Drop foundation. During an afternoon in ULTA with my girl Nellie, we both tested this foundation directly on the skin and were blown away. It is velvety, lightweight and has really great, buildable coverage. I drop it onto my hand and then apply with this brush. I’m so glad I took the leap! Find it here.


#5 - Easy Thai Shrimp Soup


I found this recipe on Pinterest in October, and holy smokes, Reed and I can’t stop making it. In barely an hour, you’ll have a Thai soup so delicious, you’ll be licking the bowl. During these colder months, there is nothing more comforting than a big bowl of hot soup, and this one is our new favorite. Find it here.


#6 - Apple Cider Bourbon Cocktail


The perfect winter cocktail, ESPECIALLY for those just don’t prefer eggnog or drinks that are too sweet. Reed and I enjoyed this cocktail so much at home, that we brought the makings for it to three different get-togethers in November. If you want to make it more festive, swap out the rosemary for an orange slice or some cranberries! This drink is delicious, and don’t forget the rim sugar! Find it here.


#7 - The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence ($3.50)


How has it taken me this long to read this 1895 classic? Brother Lawrence beautifully illustrates what it means to “practice the presence of God in a single act that does not end.” If you are looking to add some depth to your time with the Lord in the morning, or maybe your prayer life needs a revamp...this is the book for you. Plus, this version includes a brilliant foreword by one of my all-time favorites: Henri Nouwen. Find it here.


#8 - @MeganEllaby on Instagram

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 8.22.43 AM.png

I recently followed Megan per recommendation from @Zoella, and have loved her account! She is a British YouTuber, creative style blogger, and best of all: Dachshund mom to two Dachshund puppies, Peter and Nancy. Her personal style encourages me to get out my comfort zone, and her Instagram stories of her pups make me so giddy! Find her here.


#9 - Perfect Duet by Ed Sheeran and Beyonce


Who doesn’t love this song? Reed and I joked that everyone who is getting married in December or next year found their “first dance” song on November 30th, when this was released! Truthfully, I’ve been one of those annoying listeners, and have had this song on repeat, nonstop. Find it here.


#10 - Chipotle’s Chip & Queso


Told you I had a random favorite up my sleeve! I’d be a little embarrassed to admit how many times I had Chipotle’s new-ish chips and queso in the month of November. It is DELICIOUS. Now I know queso is a very personal and serious subject to some, and maybe those in Texas would say this queso is the McDonald’s of queso, but I don’t care. I flippin’ love and actually vowed to show more restraint in December. Wish me luck.

What are some recent favorites of YOURS? Which November favorite will you be giving a try? Share in the comments below. See you tomorrow for Blogmas Day 8!

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