Blogmas Day 5: Christmas Apartment Tour (& 5 Budget-Friendly Decor Tips!)

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If you could describe your interior style in one word, what would it be?

The options are endless. Minimal. Luxurious. Farmhouse. Modern. Mid-century. Industrial. Traditional. Coastal. Rustic. Bohemian. Eclectic. And believe it or not, I’m just scratching the surface. Accessibility to interior design trends is easier than ever with Pinterest, countless interior design blogs, and the explore page on Instagram. Simply type one of those words into Instagram’s search bar, and there are hundreds of hashtags people use to describe how they design their homes! This inside look into the design talents of others is inspiring, but can also leave us feeling in the dumps about what our homes look like. Not only that, but many of us have forgotten what it’s like to dream something up on our own, because we’re sure that someone else has already done it! I don’t know about you, but sometimes, I just need to put my laptop away and tap back into my own creative abilities instead of leaning on the work of others. Too much time looking at Pinterest or Instagram can leave me thinking my taste, eye for things, and personal preferences are dated, too much, or not enough.

That’s my cue to stop comparing and remember we’re all unique, and what we like is good enough, simply because we like it.

For example, I love the look and idea of minimalism, but if I’m honest with myself and with you, it’s just not my thing. In a lot of cases, I believe less is more, but when it comes to my home, I’m drawn to a fuller look. The things I own bring me joy and inspiration, and I want those things to be visible on my shelves and walls. My personal style is a bit of a dichotomy. For a while, I thought that meant I didn’t know WHAT my style is, but I’ve realized over time, that I just like a mix of many. I appreciate modern design, but collect vintage glass. I love a colorful home, but white is my favorite one. I like a clean, organized space, but I also want it to feel cozy and lived in.

Isn’t that funny? Maybe you relate. Ultimately, decorate how you want. Frame the funny art piece. Mix patterns, or don’t. Get the farm table, even if your bed frame is modern. Buy that comfy couch, even if it doesn’t perfectly match your love seat. Some people may disagree with me, but I say there are no rules, and it’s all meant to be personal expression.

How your home looks is less important than how it feels.

Do you feel inspired? At ease? Do others feel a sense of belonging? These things will always matter more than Pinterest-worthy appearance. They are the things worth cultivating. I love our little #ReednTori apartment. For all of its quirks. Its corners. Its memories. Its imperfections. And every year, I relish in decorating it for Christmas. This year, our budget was particularly tight, as we have more people to buy gifts for (more friends - woohoo!), and we are saving for a new car. This didn’t bother us in the least, because we are more aware than ever of how incredibly blessed we are. Simply having a warm, safe home to come home to every night is a gift, and we always want to be aware of that reality. So because I am in love with what we’ve built and been given, I thought I would share a Christmas Apartment tour with ya!

Along the tour, I’ll be offering up a five budget-friendly decor ideas we’ve found to serve us well. I hope they inspire you!

Blogmas Day 5: Christmas Apartment Tour (& 5 Budget-Friendly Decor Tips!)

Tip #1 - Let nature do the talking.

Throughout our apartment, we have little vases filled with tree trimmings (which smell divine!) and bowls of pine cones from around our neighborhood. These two items are incredibly cheap if not altogether free, and add a woodsy, festive touch to any corner. Trader Joe’s is also selling mistletoe for under $5! Ours is hanging from our bedroom door. Another idea is to slice some oranges and dry them for a garland or your mantle.

Tip #2 - Christmas candy goes far.

Just one box of candy canes and one bag of chocolate Kisses added color to our apartment, and what says Christmas more than a candy cane? Both items were under $5 total, but add a cute, festive flair.

Tip #3 - Add a throw pillow to your couch or bed!

The decorative pillow on our reading chair was only $12.99, and there are plenty of inexpensive options out there. Take a look at your local Home Goods, Marshall’s or even Amazon! Instead of buying a new pillow, you could also look into a pillow cover! This one’s really cute and is only $10!

Tip #4 - Frame a printable from Etsy or design your own!

My framed Etsy JOY and Christmas tree prints were under $5 each and I printed them from my home computer! Swap framed photos out for prints, order frames from Amazon (or even the Dollar Store!) and you have some great, holiday decor for your walls! Or maybe you are creative and could design something of your own. Either way, have fun with it!

Tip #5 - Be willing to borrow.

Reed and I don’t expect to have the freedom to make the same kind of financial investment into the Christmas season as our parents or those further along than us. We’re content with what we can do, and are thankful for the generosity of others. This year, we used extra Christmas lights from my parents to decorate our bedroom bookcase and tree. That tree is also old church decor (perks of being a pastor’s kid!) that wasn’t being used this year. Friend, put your pride aside and ask a close friend or family member if they have any old or extra decor they’d be willing to let you borrow for a month! Your wallet will thank you.

If you could describe your interior style in one word, what would it be? Which of my 5 Decor Ideas are you eager to try? Share in the comments below! See you tomorrow for Blogmas Day 6!

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