Blogmas Day 4: Cozy Christmas Morning Pajama Guide

While reading, listen to Santa Baby by Wolf Alice.

In my humble opinion, every person should have a proper pair of pajamas.

Growing up, wearing old sweat pants and a soccer tee to bed was one of my mom’s pet peeves, and the minute I was spotted, she’d tell me to go put some decent pajamas on. It may sound a little nitpicky, but I’m actually thankful for this, because it has developed an appreciation in me for bedtime and the comfort of pajamas. Now, I am notorious for changing into pajamas as early as 5 or 6pm on any given day, because I can still hear my mother’s voice in my ear!

Reed has certainly seen (& loves!) the real-deal, not-so-pretty “morning me”, but pajamas always help me look somewhat put together and not like a total wreck! Funny enough, being obsessed with pajamas has turned into one of his favorite little quirks of mine. Moral of the story: Mom is always right.

To me, comfort is epitomized in changing into my favorite pair the minute I get home, snuggling under a soft throw blanket, and sipping a hot cup of cocoa.

Pajamas are also great gifts! Few people invest in pajamas for themselves, but I don’t know anyone who would turn a decent pajama set away! This time of year, Christmas pajamas are all the rage, and can be found in almost every store. I love setting aside a special pair to wear on Christmas Eve, into the highly-anticipated Christmas morning. This year, my whole family bought these matching ones, and I can hardly wait to see everyone donning their Christmas jammies. Since I am such a pajama fanatic, I thought it would be fun (and helpful!) to put together a little Christmas pajama shopping guide for you! Whether you want to pick up a pair for yourself, or a friend - these options are festive, fun, and most importantly: cozy.

Christmas Pajama Guide.jpg

Blogmas Day 4: Cozy Christmas Morning Pajama Guide

  1. Make + Model Snow Day Graphic Pajamas from Nordstrom ($49 for set) Find here.

  2. PJ Salvage Print Flannel Pajamas from Nordstrom ($62 for set) Find here.

  3. Nightgown with Printed Christmas Mickey Design from H&M ($17.99) Find here.

  4. Woven Striped Pajama Set from TopShop ($60.00 for set) Find here.

  5. Team Rudolph Pajama Top and Leggings from H&M ($24.99 for set) Find here.

  6. Printed Flannel Pajama Set from Old Navy ($29.99 for set) Find here.

  7. White Whimsical Thermal PJ Set from Victoria’s Secret ($54.50 for set) Find here.

  8. Flannel Pajama Set in Tartan Plaid from J.Crew ($95.00 for set) Find here.

  9. Women’s Gilligan & O’Malley Striped Pajama Set from Target ($19.99 for set) Find here.

  10. Falalala Flannel Pajama Set (w/ eye matching eye mask!) from GAP (49.99 for set) Find here.

Slideshow is in order from #1-#10

My outfit details: Sleep mask here, slippers here, and similar pajamas here

What pair of pajamas will YOU be wearing this holiday season? Share in the comments below! See you tomorrow for Blogmas Day 5!

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