Blogmas Day 22: My Top 10 Posts of 2017

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This blog turned one in August, and I feel like I’m just getting started. For too long, I talked myself out of contributing my voice to the blogging world, afraid it would just become white noise or go unnoticed. Thankfully, I silenced fear, turned up the volume of those who believed in me, and decided to give myself a chance.

Creativity takes courage, and it also takes a lot of hard work. Blogging every day in December has been incredibly fun but also pretty challenging. Some days, I posted late, and other days, I questioned my ideas or nitpicked my photo choices. But most days, I have loved Blogmas, as it’s shown me what I’m capable of and helped me enjoy this brief and wonderful Christmas season.

As I reflect on 2017, and how this blog has bloomed, I thought it would be fun to look back on my favorite and most visited blog posts of the year! I love the variety of these posts, and how they sum up some of the best memories and lessons learned from the year.

Looking back helps us get direction for how to move forward, and I feel eager for how this blog will grow and develop even further in 2018! Thank you for all of your support, comments, the times you’ve shared my blog with friends, and all the love surrounding 24 Days of Blogmas. You’ve truly added so much joy to my year!


Blogmas Day 22: My Top 10 Posts of 2017

P.S. These are organized chronologically from January-December 2017!

#1 - Day Trip on the Coast With My BFF

In January, my best friend Lauren visited me from LA, and we took a day trip to one of my favorite places: Half Moon Bay. We ended our little excursion soaking up the best sunset I’ve probably seen to date. See snapshots from our day together and read the post here.

#2 - A Word on Loving What You Love (& Some Beauty Tips!)

This one began as simply a list of beauty tips and then turned into sharing my thoughts on why women should feel like they can care about both beauty and things of the heart. If you’ve ever felt judged or misunderstood for loving what you love, read the post here.

#3 - What Makes a Date Night Count (Plus: 10 Creative Date Ideas!)

Whether you are newly dating or have been married for years, date nights can lose their meaning and value when we make them about just the food or activity. Being together has potential for so much more, and in this post I share what really makes a date night count. But don’t worry, I have some creative ideas to change things up, too! Read the post here.

#4 - Our NYC Anniversary Trip & A Mini Guide to the Big Apple

In May, Reed and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary early in NYC! In this post, I shared our favorite memories, snapshots, and a mini guide for the next time you visit the Big Apple! It really was a trip of a lifetime. Read the post here.

#5 - Date Day: Anniversary Surprises in SF

As if going to New York wasn’t enough, Reed planned a day full of surprises in SF on our actual anniversary date in July. It was a dream day that ended better than I could have ever imagined! See snapshots from our romantic day together, and read the post here.

#6 - Self Care: The Discovery and The Myth

Before this post, I would have described and limited self-care to a good face mask or afternoon nap. Lately, I’ve discovered where real rest comes from and what self-care can look like for us in our most tired and worn out moments. Read post here.

#7 - 5 Women Who Inspire Me

For International Women’s Day, I wanted to honor, celebrate, and share some of the women in my life who have deeply impacted me with how they live and love. After reading about Cynthia, Nicole, Lauren, Madison, and Arlene, you will feel inspired and like you’ve just gained five new friends! You’re welcome. Read the post here.

#8 - Moving from Comparison to Claiming Your Purpose

Comparison is something I know we all struggle with! In this post, I share what I’ve learned about not just overcoming the temptation to compare, but claiming your purpose in a new and life-changing way. When people ask me how I move past comparison, this is what I say. Read the post here.

#9 - Messy Life, and What I’ve Promised You: Me, Truthfully

Healing is often an undoing before rebuilding begins, and this post is all about my personal road towards deep, inner healing. It’s vulnerable, and I waited to publish it until 10:30pm, because I was scared of sharing the real truth. But that’s when I remembered it’s what you deserve, and what I deserve to: Me, truthfully. Read the post here.

#10 - Sacred Space & How To Increase Yours in the Everyday

After a long Summer season of hands-on ministry and camp in the mountains, I had a revelation about why I loved that space on the mountain top so much; I learned why it was sacred to me. Not just that, but I discovered why it’s so important to increase our sacred experiences in everyday life, beyond retreats and vacations, and some practical ways we can. Read the post here.


In 2017, I contributed to Darling Magazine more regularly, which is something I am proud of and has taught me so much. My favorite post I contributed is The Process of Maturing Your Friendships because it’s not just something I wrote, but one I’ve lived and really believe in. For more of my freelance work, click here.)


Do you have a personal favorite post from 2017? What is something you’d love for me to share on Victoria, Truthfully in 2018? Share in the comments! See you tomorrow...

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