Blogmas Day 21: Last-Minute (& Under $10!) Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Her

While reading, listen to Christmas Lights by Coldplay.

As a kid, pouring out my stocking all over the living room to discover the loot inside, was one of my favorite parts of Christmas morning.

Though I loved the thrill of discovering what Santa brought for me under the tree, I loved all the little “somethings” that awaited in my stocking above the fireplace. The gifts inside were never extravagant, but all at once, it felt like I was getting a dozen little gifts that were perfectly suited just for me. As the years continue, the contents of my stocking change to match my maturing interests, but chocolate has always been a constant. Shouldn’t chocolate always be a constant?

My parents, erm...I mean, Santa, always nailed the stocking bit of Christmas morning, and now that I’m married, I too have the joy of filling someone’s stocking with special treasures. For Blogmas Day 21, I’m sharing plenty of awesome stocking stuffer ideas for her, each with a price tag under $10! You can’t beat that! Happy stuffing…


Blogmas Day 21: Last-Minute (& Under $10!) Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Her

Stocking stuffers are a fun, affordable, and creative way to show your loved ones you care this Christmas. Which stocking stuffer idea are you going to use? Share in the comments below!