Blogmas Day 17: Stocking Stuffer & Gift Guide for the Homebody

While reading, listen to (There’s No Place Like) Home for the Holidays by Perry Como.

I love a good night out, but most of the time...I’d choose a night in.

Our home is just my favorite place to be. It is cozy, safe, comforting, and is the place where my creativity abounds. There, I do most of my dreaming, writing, and making. I feel most at ease when I’m home. When I come back after a long day, I kick off my heels, wash my face, change into comfy clothes, and my soul can recuperate. I enjoy rearranging, straightening messy corners, and sprucing up details.

I’ve been known to rearrange an entire living room in just an hour’s time while Reed goes on a quick run! Poor guy...he comes home feeling all turned around. Lucky me, he rolls with it and even encourages the ways I implement change. He knows it fills me up and brings me joy. Most of this is because I am an introvert, through and through. I recharge by myself, in my own created environment...and home is always the place I choose. When Reed has Bible study or a meeting, I relish in having a few hours of no talking, playing whatever music I want, and going to town on a house project.

On Saturday mornings, most of the world sleeps in and enjoys a late breakfast. I, on the other hand, take the opportunity of a day off to clean the whole house, reorganize everything, frame pictures we’ve been dying to have up on the wall, and scrub the baseboards. I know, I’m a little crazy. Doing this at the beginning of the day helps me relax later, because I know all the tasks are finished and our home is at its best. I want our home to be Reed’s favorite place to return to, and I know I rest easy and can begin re-charging when I’ve taken care of it. This isn’t a rigid system I put myself through, there are days when it doesn’t all get done, but this would be my ideal circumstance - the one I’d choose.

The other side of this is that my parents deeply ingrained in me an appreciation for home. They showed me the potential of home...that it can be an abundant place, filled with joy, freedom, and peace. And after a long day of ministering to others, it’s a gift to come back to a place you love, a place you are proud of.

Homebodies love to be home. They’re the ones all the “not going to the party, sleeping in instead” memes are made for. They are the ones who keep their slippers visible, candles lit all day, and can’t wait for their early bedtime. When describing a homebody, you could also be describing a grandma, and I think that might be my favorite thing about us. I say us, because man, homebodies are my people. Thankfully, I married the ultimate extrovert, who loves to adventure and has more friends than anyone, so I certainly get out and about every now and then. He helps balance me, and I’ve shown him the ways of a comfy, Saturday morning. A fair trade, I think.


For Blogmas Day 17, I’m sharing a stocking stuffer and gift guide for the homebody in YOUR life!

#1 - Slippers.

Every homebody needs a good pair of slippers, end of story. Here are some of my favorites to choose from. (1 / 2 / 3)


#2 - Throw blanket.

Now unless you live in a place where it is always hot, and your AC is not blaring, a throw blanket is a home essential. This is the best gift for someone, because you know it will be well used and loved! It is my personal opinion you can never have too many throw blankets. Here are some of my favorites to choose from. (1 / 2 / 3)


#3 - Candle.

I know, I know - Victoria, stop talking about candles! Nope. Sorry. Wrong blog. I will always talk about candles. This is just how it is. I am obsessed and I have one in every room of our small apartment. Every experience at home is made complete when a beautiful candle is lit. These are my all-time favorites. (1 / 2 / 3)


#4 - Coffee mug.

Reed seems to think we have too many...but I just think our cabinet space is shrinking. Coffee mugs are the perfect gift for a homebody...they can look forward to coming home after work and enjoying a delicious cup of hot tea or coffee in their new favorite mug, thanks to you. Here are some great ones to choose from. (1 / 2 / 3)


#5 - Self-care beauty products.

A couple times a week, I make the effort to insert some of the best parts of the weekend into my daily routine. This includes enjoying a face mask, 30-minute bath, a hair treatment, or painting my nails. These luxuries are so relaxing and are some of the best activities to enjoy at home. Here are some great options. (1 / 2 / 3)


Of course, there are countless more things I could include for the person who enjoys being home. But, if you are looking for the essentials - then I have you covered. At any price point, picking up one of these items for the homebody in your life is the surest way to getting them a gift they’ll enjoy long after Christmas.

If you're a homebody, which gift idea is YOUR favorite? Share in the comments below! Merry Christmas - see you tomorrow for Blogmas Day 18!

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