Blogmas Day 16: Christmas iPhone Wallpaper Roundup

While reading, listen to The Christmas Song by Mariah McManus.

Anticipating Christmas day is all in the details.

Listening to holiday classics on the radio.

Getting your first Starbucks “red” cup of the season.

Placing the star on top of your Christmas tree.

Bringing Christmas cookies to the annual office party.

All the little details of life take on a festive feel this time of year, adding so much joy and excitement! Throughout December, I go all out. If I’m watching a movie, you better believe it’s a Christmas movie. If I’m listening to music, you know it’s Christmas music. If I’m baking, you can bet your money it’s a holiday recipe. What can I say? I’m committed! The Christmas season is so short lived after all, I try to soak up every last bit!

So, in typical Victoria-fashion, I take it so far as to change my iPhone wallpapers to Christmas-themed ones! If you are extra like me, you’ll enjoy this post. If you could care less about your phone wallpaper, just...skip this one? Or try something new? Anywho...enjoy!

Blogmas Day 16: A Christmas iPhone Wallpaper Roundup

#1 - Winter Chic by The Wonder Forest

#2 - Merry & Bright by Realistic Pollyanna

#3 - Deck the Halls by Claire Picard

#4 - Ho Ho Ho by Jen B Peters

#5 - Mistletoe by Izzy Lamb


#6 - A Very Merry Christmas by Papier

#7 - All Is Calm All Is Bright by Boden

#8 - Christmas Wreath by The Wonder Forest

#9 - Black Christmas Trees by Odile Sacoche

#10 - Emmanuel by She Reads Truth


Which wallpaper are you loving? Share in the comments below! Merry Christmas, and see you tomorrow!

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