Blogmas Day 9: German Holiday Market

While reading, listen to Freude, Freude, grosse Freude by Andreas Hammerschmidt.

A few years ago, I stumbled upon some pictures of holiday marketplaces in Germany on Pinterest. I was immediately awestruck.

Of all the photos I had seen of Christmas around the world, these were hands down, the most beautiful. This began a rabid Google search, “Christmas in Germany” which led me down a few bunny trails, ultimately showing me the many, exciting elements of holiday markets. Stop reading this for just a moment, open up another tab, and search the same thing! Okay, now come back. Gorgeous, right? Christmas in Germany seems like pure magic, and ever since that random find on Pinterest, my desire to see it in real life has grown. Who knows when this opportunity to go and experience it myself will come, but just this weekend, I was given a little taste.

As Reed and I were walking up to our local bank the other night, we saw a poster in the window of the neighboring dry cleaners. The sign read, “German Holiday Market!” and as soon as I finished reading it, I unintentionally squealed, “Reed, we have to go!” I quickly read all the details to him and learned that in just a few cities over, the German International School of Silicon Valley would be putting on a weekend market experience to bring the many pleasures of European holiday markets straight to us!

The Bay Area is a total melting pot, the home of many nations, and this market was designed to inspire newcomers but also make those from abroad feel more at home. Reed and I immediately put the details in our calendar, invited my brother and his girlfriend Kristina to join us, and it was a date!

All I can say is Germans know how to do Christmas. With countless booths selling warm pretzels, mulled wine, sweet treats, and handmade gifts, we were all transported! As we browsed the many booths, Christmas lights shone above us in the trees, and a local children’s choir sang holiday music in German. It was a wonderful thing to hear many languages spoken around us, and to see so many young families enjoy the sights, smells, and tastes of their homeland. Each vendor was as kind and patient as ever, excited to talk to newcomers about their traditions and memories of Germany. Reed sipped his first glass of mulled wine (he is a little undecided about it), we shared a delicious meal, and we left with full bellies and plenty of new Christmas memories.

Until Reed and I have the opportunity to walk the marketplaces of Germany, this local holiday market was the perfect substitute. We can’t wait to return next year! If you’re in the Bay Area, make sure to pay this holiday market a visit next Christmas!

Blogmas Day 9: German Holiday Market


Have you ever been to a holiday market? Share in the comments a place in the world you’d like to visit! See you tomorrow...

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