Blogmas Day 1: Decorating Our Christmas Tree!

While reading, listen to It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Andy Williams.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Blogmas!

If you’re new to the idea, let me break it down: I will be blogging for 24 days straight, leading up to Christmas! I start today so the last post is up on Christmas’s like a blogging advent of sorts. Last year was my first time giving it a go, and it was so much fun! I loved the creative planning, the design elements, and all of the memories made along the way. I’m doing things a little differently this year, to improve Blogmas and to give myself a little more grace. I won’t be working with outside vendors this year, because even though that was a great way to promote small businesses, it gave each post a lot of pressure (i.e. Are enough people going to use the discount code? Will the vendor get good business?) Truthfully, I’m just not at the audience size (yet!) where something like that is guaranteed to be mutually beneficial. That’s alright with me! Additionally, I will have a set time you can expect all blog posts to be up: 9am, sharp. I’m hoping this consistency adds to the overall experience for you.

This year, Blogmas will also feature a special Christmas giveaway, and a guest blog! This will be great...after a much needed break from blogging in November, I’m excited to be back for one of my favorite times of year! I hope you enjoy all the festive spirit here at Victoria, Truthfully, and I look forward to chatting it up with you in the comments!

Blogmas Day 1: Decorating Our Christmas Tree!

On the Monday following Thanksgiving (we don’t waste any time in the Sowell residence), Reed and I blocked out the whole day to decorate our apartment for Christmas. I’m a fan of making the ordinary feel special, and though we could have finished all of it in a couple of hours, Reed and I wanted to enjoy every moment of this annual tradition. I pressed play on my Christmas playlist, set out our ornaments one by one, and the rest was festive magic.

We look forward to having a real Christmas tree one day, but this small, artificial one is perfect for our little apartment. Plus, we don’t have to bother cleaning up pine needles! I love placing ours in a basket with some Christmas-y fabric. This adds a creative touch to an otherwise pretty average-size, simple tree. This red plaid fabric is actually a table cloth! Before we got to decorating the tree, Reed and I whipped up some hot cocoa. This time of year, I crave all things peppermint, and this hot cocoa from Trader Joe’s did the trick.

I’ll be sharing a Christmas Apartment Tour later on in Blogmas, but can we have a focused moment of awed silence over how pretty this tree is? There is something so magical about the first time you plug in your those lights and see it all light up! We added a few new ornaments to the collection this year, and I’m particularly obsessed with our set of handmade wooden nativities. A wonderful family in our church is from Jordan, and they brought me a set of ornaments from their hometown! It was so thoughtful of them, and I extra appreciate items that have a story. Under our tree are two chocolate Advent calendars, from my sis-in-law, Jenna! I 100% believe  a day that starts with chocolate is off to the right start - amen? We’re excited to continue the Advent throughout the rest of December. Do you have any Advent traditions? Trying something new this year? Share in the comments below, I’d love to know!

I hope you enjoyed Day 1 of Blogmas, I’ll see you here tomorrow at 9am!

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