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Featured Post: Crepes, Grief, and a Memory: Tribute to My Popa

This is a tribute to my Popa, who passed away after 79 beautiful years of life on January 25th, 2018.

It was the second week of May, finals were upon us, and the sky poetically rained.

The gloom felt like an omen of what was surely going to be the demise of my US History grade. I finished my test early (rarely a good sign), and drove the two-minute journey to Popa and Grammy's house. I firmly believe there is nothing a good cup of afternoon coffee and a game of Phase 10 can’t fix. Her car was gone, but Popa’s van remained.

I let myself in.

Popa and Grammy's house smells of Gloria Jean coffee beans, Chanel No. 5, leather boots, and fresh cut jasmine. All at once.

The wind whistled through every backdoor and window sill crack, the backyard chimes roaring, and the faint sound of afternoon TV played from the back room...


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